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10 Powerhouse Veggies To Add To Your CartBookmark and Share
nsight: Maximum nutrients, minimal calories
The Weird Way Exercise Could Help Your Immune SystemBookmark and Share
nsight: As if you needed more reasons to work out
3 Weeks To Summer FitBookmark and Share
nsight: A Hollywood trainer helps you shape up in just 21 days
Be Good To Your Gut Bacteria: Exercise!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Exercise helps you look good inside and out
20 Foods You Should Always Have In Your KitchenBookmark and Share
nsight: Cooking healthy meals and choosing smart snacks is easy when you keep your pantry stocked with these healthy staples
3 Yoga Poses For Fighting CelluliteBookmark and Share
nsight: Practice these moves 3-4 times a week to get rid of of some unwanted dimples
11 Ways To Get Fit Fast For SummerBookmark and Share
nsight: Fitness professionals share their best get fit quick tips
5 Brain Tricks To Make You More SuccessfulBookmark and Share
nsight: Use these tricks to enhance focus and improve concentration
Bye-Bye Belly!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Try these 50 tummy shrinking tips and quick fixes
How To Apply Sunscreen CorrectlyBookmark and Share
nsight: 7 simple steps to stay sun-safe, from head to toe
6 Exercise Mistakes You're Probably MakingBookmark and Share
nsight: Even health nuts fall prey to these subtle, but serious, blunders
7 Do's And Don'ts For a Better-Working BrainBookmark and Share
nsight: Tips to keep your brain on its "A" game at all times
The Fastest Way To Improve Your MoodBookmark and Share
nsight: Constantly crabby? Then make more stops to the water cooler.
5 Healthy Ways To Eat More ChocolateBookmark and Share
nsight: Get your fix without going overboard
12 Tricks For Improving Work-Life BalanceBookmark and Share
nsight: From working smarter to protecting your personal time
How Eating Avocado Can Help You Slim DownBookmark and Share
nsight: You're going to want to read this
Sneaky Ways To Get Your 7 Servings Bookmark and Share
nsight: Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet, and you could slash your risk of an early death
10 Reasons To Take A Random Day Off Of WorkBookmark and Share
nsight: The power of a good day off cannot be underestimated
7 Foods You Should Eat Every DayBookmark and Share
nsight: Stop blacklisting the bad stuff, here's a list of foods you should eat
Shortcuts For When You Just Don't Have TimeBookmark and Share
nsight: You know the health rules, but you're busy
The 10 Best Powerfoods For MenBookmark and Share
nsight: Eat these foods often to boost your health and stay lean all year
3 Ways To Dominate Your Morning WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: An early morning workout is one of the best ways to fire up your fat burners
9 Ways To Save Money On Healthy FoodBookmark and Share
nsight: For a grocery bill that doesn't make you shudder
7 Ways To Get Fit In Half The TimeBookmark and Share
nsight: Use the following tips to get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less.
11 Healthy Eats For AthletesBookmark and Share
nsight: Foods can build muscle, speed recovery, and more
Exercise, Diet May Help Pre-Diabetics Dodge Heart DiseaseBookmark and Share
nsight: Losing weight and exercising may lessen their chances of dying from heart disease or other conditions
Feel The Calorie BurnBookmark and Share
nsight: 7 ways to work out smarter, not harder
7 Fat Loss Foods That Make Your Life EasierBookmark and Share
nsight: Eat these foods to make your abs look better
5 Ways To Use Social Media To Stay PositiveBookmark and Share
nsight: In light of new research suggesting that Facebook feelings are contagious
4 Ways To Jump Start Your New DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Expert tips on how to lose weight and stay slim all year
The Biggest Running Myth DebunkedBookmark and Share
nsight: Why pounding pavement doesn't put your knees at risk
17 Ways To Skinny Up Your FridgeBookmark and Share
nsight: Spring cleaning can help you drop the pounds and keep them off
Your Genes May Determine Whether Fried Food Will Make You FatBookmark and Share
nsight: This sounds completely unfair, but makes sense.
Lose 10 Inches In 10 DaysBookmark and Share
nsight: A celebrity trainer dishes some secrets to losing weight quickly
4 Fat Burning Pre-Workout SnacksBookmark and Share
nsight: Fuel up to slim down
Is Unhappiness Killing You?Bookmark and Share
nsight: The surprising connection between your mind-set and the health of your heart.
20 Tips For Torching Fat This SpringBookmark and Share
nsight: Shed fat while you shed those extra layers of clothing with these essential rules
A Test That Could Predict Alzheimer's Bookmark and Share
nsight: It's an encouraging step in the fight against the deadly disease
5 Ways To Keep Your Feet HappyBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let foot pain stop your life. Help prevent foot pain with quick tips.
How To Go Greek Bookmark and Share
nsight: 10 things to know about the Mediterranean diet
Can't Sleep? You May Have A Hyperactive BrainBookmark and Share
nsight: Read up, insomnia sufferers
Fall Back Asleep In 10 Minutes Or LessBookmark and Share
nsight: 7 quick tips to help you snooze like a baby
4 Things To Look For In The Frozen Food SectionBookmark and Share
nsight: There are some hidden, healthy gems in the freezer aisles
9 Foods An Athlete Would Never EatBookmark and Share
nsight: Top athletes wouldn't dare devour these diet disasters and neither should you
Secrets Of People Who Never Get SickBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these 10 rules and give illness the run around
4 Things To Look For In The Frozen Food SectionBookmark and Share
nsight: There are some hidden, healthy gems in the freezer case
7 Vegetables You're Not Eating But Should BeBookmark and Share
nsight: They tantalize your taste buds and help your body even more
Eating Secrets Women With Great Bodies KnowBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some smart and sustainable healthy eating ideas
The Coolest New Fitness GadgetsBookmark and Share
nsight: 8 gadgets to make exercise seem easier, more fun and effective
5 Foods You Think Are Healthy - But Are NotBookmark and Share
nsight: Beware of conventional wisdom. Many healthy diet choices are just as bad for you
30 Ways To Save Your HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: Life is short - unless you commit to this cardiac protection plan
4 Things You Need To Know About PlanksBookmark and Share
nsight: They're better for you than you think
4 Exercises To Help Prevent Running InjuriesBookmark and Share
nsight: Do these four exercises three times a week to help prevent injuries
4 Ways To Stop Stress This SecondBookmark and Share
nsight: These four tips will work right away
Six Simple Ways To Run FasterBookmark and Share
nsight: Easy way to improve your race times
What To Do When Someone Needs CPRBookmark and Share
nsight: The life-saving skill everyone should know
5 Things Weight-Loss Winners KnowBookmark and Share
nsight: Embrace the wisdom and be on your way to a small jean size
Why Weekday Meals Are Key For Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Surprisingly, your weekend meals don't matter that much
12 Ways To Fight Stress And Protect Your HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: You can help you heart by learning how to de-stress, chill out, and let it go.
5 Sneaky Ways To Beat Sugar CravingsBookmark and Share
nsight: Fight back with these key strategies
Could Antioxidants Actually Speed Up Cancer Progression?Bookmark and Share
nsight: When you're talking about this kind of cancer, they might
15 Healthy Foods That Make You Feel Full And SatisfiedBookmark and Share
nsight: Fill up with these good for you foods
8 Get Healthy Steps You Need To Take ASAPBookmark and Share
nsight: Here is your to do list to get healthy quickly
8 Reasons You're Still Hungry, Even After You Just AteBookmark and Share
nsight: The science on why you're unsatiated
8 Reasons You're Still Hungry, Even After You Just AteBookmark and Share
nsight: The science on why you're unsatiated
Most Supermarket Coupons Are For Junk Food And Sugary DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: Coupons might be bad for your waistline
Most Supermarket Coupons Are For Junk Food And Sugary DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: Coupons might be bad for your waistline
8 Tips For Hydrating In Cold WeatherBookmark and Share
nsight: Because you can still get dehydrated in the winter
8 Tips For Hydrating In Cold WeatherBookmark and Share
nsight: Because you can still get dehydrated in the winter
5 Mistakes Women Make In The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Avoid these mistakes to see the results you want
5 Mistakes Women Make In The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Avoid these mistakes to see the results you want
20 Ways To Make Exercise A Lasting HabitBookmark and Share
nsight: Try these tips and tricks to become an exercise addict
7 Ways To Boost Your Energy When You're Struggling Big TimeBookmark and Share
nsight: Feeling tired more often than not? Try these suggestions
10 Foods You Should Break Up WithBookmark and Share
nsight: Say goodbye to hated love handles because you break up with these foods
FDA To Update Food Labels For First Time In 20 YearsBookmark and Share
nsight: The agency hopes to improve our understanding of nutritional info
7 Things You Should Never Put In Your MouthBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let your dentist catch you chewing these foods
If Natural Foods Came With Ingredient Lists, This Is What They Would Look LikeBookmark and Share
nsight: Read this, and you might think twice about how you're judging packaged foods
5 Ways To Have A More Meaningful LifeBookmark and Share
nsight: Get connected, don't shy away from stress, and more...
3 Fitness Tests You Should Be Able To PassBookmark and Share
nsight: These assessments take about five minutes to perform, but they can shape the way you train for months or years to come
6 Treadmill Workouts That Will Kick Your ButtBookmark and Share
nsight: Stuck inside for your run? These workouts are anything but run of the mill.
10 Best Healthy Eating AppsBookmark and Share
nsight: Eat healthier with the help of your phone
Want To Stay Healthy? Try Washing Your HandsBookmark and Share
nsight: It may be one of the more productive ways to stay healthy
Why Women Are Burning Fewer Calories Than EverBookmark and Share
nsight: Bad news if you're trying to drop a few pounds
Fend Off A Muddled MindBookmark and Share
nsight: The easiest way to protect yourself against Alzheimer's
"Fat And Fit" Is A MythBookmark and Share
nsight: Report says you can't be obese and healthy
10 Foods That Help Your Body Burn FatBookmark and Share
nsight: Some foods can actually spike your metabolism
3 Treadmill Mistakes That Mess With Your WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Common blunders even experienced runners don't know they're making
The Pros And Cons Of Working Out With A Friend Bookmark and Share
nsight: Should you make your sweat session social or go solo? We've got answers.
10 Foods That Fight Holiday StressBookmark and Share
nsight: These foods that can slash stress, curb anxiety, and help you make it to the New Year emotionally unscathed.
Essential Nutrients You Should Be EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: Find out what are the best sources - food or supplement.
Why You Should Avoid Carbs At BedtimeBookmark and Share
nsight: A midnight snack may stifle muscle growth
The Easiest Healthy Homemade Lunch EverBookmark and Share
nsight: We promise it won't leave you with lunch envy
The Strange Reason You're ExhaustedBookmark and Share
nsight: It's not because you stayed up all night watching Netflix
5 Worst Treadmill MistakesBookmark and Share
nsight: Avoid these mistakes at the gym
5 Foods That Lead To InflammationBookmark and Share
nsight: How your diet may be putting you on the fast track to disease
5 Foods You're Eating WrongBookmark and Share
nsight: How to cut, cook, and sip for the most health benefits
5 Ways To Stay Fit When You're Traveling Bookmark and Share
nsight: Jetting off for the holidays? Here's how to keep fitness a priority
6 Ways To Get Back On Track After OvereatingBookmark and Share
nsight: Went overboard with the pizza last night? All is not lost on the diet front - really!
5 Weird Things Work Stress Does To Your BodyBookmark and Share
nsight: See why you feel extra itchy from 9 to 5
5-Minute Breakfasts That Are Actually HealthyBookmark and Share
nsight: Seriously, you have no excuse for hitting the drive-thru
As Clocks Turned Back On Sunday, Thing About Better SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Some simple tips to get more restful sleep
7 Things Calm People Do DifferentlyBookmark and Share
nsight: Ever wonder how those calm people do it? Here are some tips.
High Blood Sugar Could Sap Your BrainpowerBookmark and Share
nsight: Even if you don't have diabetes, it's now worth watching your blood sugar
The Hottest Trends In Fitness For 2014Bookmark and Share
nsight: Check out these calorie-torching, strength-building, next-big-thing workouts
What Is Kombucha?Bookmark and Share
nsight: It's all the rage, but what exactly is it?
7 Ways To Keep Alcohol From Wrecking Your DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these steps to avoid the munchies
5 Healthy Alternatives To Fast FoodBookmark and Share
nsight: You probably saw the news about what's really in chicken nuggets
Dreading Your WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: 3 Easy Ways To Get Motivated
How Booze Hurts Your BonesBookmark and Share
nsight: It's harder for your body to heal bone fractures after drunken debauchery
5 Your Healthy Diet Is Making You TiredBookmark and Share
nsight: Here is how to get more energy out of a diet.
Keep Pounds Off For The Long RunBookmark and Share
nsight: Here's what we know works, from research on long-time weight losers
4 Gorgeous Skin Tips For Women Who Work OutBookmark and Share
nsight: How to keep your sweat sessions from beating up on your complexion...and other sensitive body parts
4 Secretly Dangerous DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: Stay away from these alcoholic drinks
Weight Loss Products You Don't NeedBookmark and Share
nsight: The promises of weight loss seem too good to be true. They often are
Sometimes Diets Fail Because Of A Stomach's Insensitivity To FullnessBookmark and Share
nsight: Receptors that signal the brain when the stomach is full can become desensitized by obesity
The Worst Time To Grocery ShopBookmark and Share
nsight: Hit the supermarket at THIS time, and you're setting yourself up to go on an unhealthy shopping spree
When Do You Need More Protein?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Some interesting news about consuming protein when you diet
The Worst Thing You Do Before BedBookmark and Share
nsight: Hint - bright lights stimulate your brain
How To Power-Nap Like a ProBookmark and Share
nsight: Catching some (planned) midday zzz's can refresh and rejuvenate
The Slow And Steady Cardio RoutineBookmark and Share
nsight: How to get in the zone when you're getting your cardio on
6 Lessons From Organic Pioneer Alice WatersBookmark and Share
nsight: Wisdom from one of the culinary world's top chefs
The Anti-Migraine WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Obese people are 81 percent more likely to suffer from migraines compared to normal weight individuals
What You Can Learn From CyclistsBookmark and Share
nsight: Professional cyclists who raced in the Tour de France live 6.3 years longer than the average guy
15 Best Superfoods For FallBookmark and Share
nsight: These amazing seasonal foods are the perfect excuse to visit your local farmer's market
How Junk Food And Sleep Are RelatedBookmark and Share
nsight: The more sleep deprived you are, the more you buy junk food.
Exercise Really Does Help DepressionBookmark and Share
nsight: Now there is proof for what has long been suspected
6 Truths About Exercising That No One Wants To BelieveBookmark and Share
nsight: Success in the gym, as with most things in life, comes down to mastering the basics.
Should You Double Up On Protein To Lose Weight?Bookmark and Share
nsight: A new study suggests you need more protein that you think to maximize fat loss
The Workout Trick That Boosts PerformanceBookmark and Share
nsight: Cooling your body before or during exercise may boost your performance in hot conditions
5 Habits Of Naturally Slim People You Should StealBookmark and Share
nsight: Make these 5 things part of your healthy lifestyle
Your Biggest Gym DistractionsBookmark and Share
nsight: Gym-goers waste 35 percent of their time not working out
The 18 Best Fall FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: These fruits and veggies will make autumn your tastebud's favorite season
20 Little Changes For A Healthier LifeBookmark and Share
nsight: Little tips that can make a big difference over time
How To Calm Jittery NervesBookmark and Share
nsight: Reframing the way you think can help ease your mind
5 Daily Fixes To Fight FatigueBookmark and Share
nsight: That second cup of coffee is not the only way to get energized
Which Impacts Your Weight More: Diet Or Exercise?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New research suggests that knowing the right answer to this question could affect the number on the scale.
The Surprising Thing That Messes With Your RelationshipBookmark and Share
nsight: Why you might want to hit the sheets a little earlier than usual tonight.
Your Hidden Driving DangerBookmark and Share
nsight: Dry eyes slow down your reaction time behind the wheel
6 Food That Protect You From The SunBookmark and Share
nsight: Double-duty foods that increase the skin's ability to protect against UV damage
Why Vacations Are Good For Your HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: Five reasons to stop what you're doing and plan a vacation
How To Burn More Calories While You SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Nope, no one's invented a treadmill bed. You can stoke you metabolism in one (much simpler) step
Doing This Helps Keep Your Appetite Under ControlBookmark and Share
nsight: If you think that this healthy habit makes you want to eat more, you've got it all wrong
8 Ways To Avoid Beach BloatBookmark and Share
nsight: Need to get a flat belly, fast? Here's how.
Why Fruit Isn't Making You Fat, and Here's WhyBookmark and Share
nsight: Sugar contributes to the obesity crisis, and sometimes fruit gets blamed too
Do You Live In One Of The Fittest Cities In America?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Facebook has unveiled the top 10 fittest cities in the U.S. See if your hometown made the cut
Why You Buy Stuff You Don't NeedBookmark and Share
nsight: You're wired to value things that make you feel good immediately
Is Food Addiction Real?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) activate the same area of the brain that's triggered by gambling and addictive drugs
How Fast Food Wrecks Your FinancesBookmark and Share
nsight: Simply walking by a fast-food restaurant can mess with your financial sense
4 Weight-Loss Rules For Your Morning MealBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these simple rules to jump start your weight loss in the morning.
7 Reasons (A Little) Stress Can Be Good For YouBookmark and Share
nsight: Here, 7 reasons why stress shouldn't stress you out.
Is Obesity A Disease?Bookmark and Share
nsight: In an effort to focus greater attention on the weight-gain epidemic plaguing the United States, the American Medical Association has now classified obesity as a disease.
9 Things To Change In Your KitchenBookmark and Share
nsight: Do these small changes in your kitchen and lose weight
The Vitamin That Helps You Breathe EasyBookmark and Share
nsight: Vitamin C could open your lungs airways and prevent the coughing and wheezing that sometimes accompany exercise.
8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other CountriesBookmark and Share
nsight: Might want to stay away from these items
The Surprising Thing That Makes You A Better DriverBookmark and Share
nsight: Listening to music while driving doesn't pose a dangerous distraction, according to a new study
13 Ways To Have A Healthy Road TripBookmark and Share
nsight: Expert tips for getting the most our of your summer vacation
6 Surprising Headache TriggersBookmark and Share
nsight: What do these items have in common? They could be making your head hurt.
10 Ways To Hack Your Brain PowerBookmark and Share
nsight: Trick your brain into doing what you want it to do
6 At Your Desk StretchesBookmark and Share
nsight: Stretches all desk workers should do today
5 Ways To Shut Down Emotional EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: After a bad day, do you seek solace in ice cream, cheesecake, or whipped cream straight from the can?
Short Walks After Meals Can Help Fend Off DiabetesBookmark and Share
nsight: New research reveals why it's smart to take a quick stroll after eating
Avoid This Common Running InjuryBookmark and Share
nsight: Especially for new runners, don't run without limits
12 Reasons To Stop Multitasking Now!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Multitasking is overrated. Here are some surprising ways it can make you less efficient.
Exposure To Light Tied To Activity LevelBookmark and Share
nsight: New research finds that people who work in buildings with windows tend to move more
Get A Good Night's Sleep Even If You Surf The Web In BedBookmark and Share
nsight: By dimming the brightness level on your device, you can ensure that the amount of light coming out of the screen won't mess with your sleep quality.
Should There Be Nutrition Labels On Alcohol?Bookmark and Share
nsight: A new ruling gives alcohol producers the option to put "Serving Facts" on their bottles
12 Habits That Age YouBookmark and Share
nsight: Bypass these bad habits to avoid looking old beyond your years
8 Summer Foods That Flatten Your BellyBookmark and Share
nsight: What to eat to keep you middle little all season long
What Restless Legs Could Mean To Your HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: An analysis of more that 18,000 men linked RLS with a 39-percent spike in mortality risk
13 Of The Smartest Sleep Tips EverBookmark and Share
nsight: Experts weigh-in on the best advice for better sleep
Do This Now To Stay Fit LaterBookmark and Share
nsight: By age 50, roughly 40 percent of Americans report at least a little difficulty standing, walking, or breathing
Hidden, Healthy Fast-Food FindsBookmark and Share
nsight: Healthier options do exist - even if they're not always on the menu
How To Prevent Food Poisoning Bookmark and Share
nsight: Sidestep getting sick with these tips
10 Simple Ways To Eat Clean And Save GreenBookmark and Share
nsight: How to eat healthier for cheaper
Gene-Based Blood Test Might Help Spot Colon CancerBookmark and Share
nsight: Researchers in South Korea say they've developed a blood test that spots genetic changes that signal the presence of colon cancer.
10 Healthy Herbs To Grow At HomeBookmark and Share
nsight: These easy-to-grow herbs offer big flavor and health benefits, right from your backyard or windowsill.
5 White Lies That Stall Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Lying to yourself about your own eating habits on the other hand, can wreak some real mental and physical havoc
Should You Worry About Dry Cleaning?Bookmark and Share
nsight: A new study from the Danish Cancer Society Research Center suggests that exposure to Tricholoroethylene (TCE), a chemical used in dry cleaning since the 1950s, may increase your chances of getting cancer.
7 Time-Wasting Mistakes You're Making At The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Stop these seven gym mistakes now to cut minutes from your workout while still increasing its effectiveness.
Coffee Intake Tied To Weight, Insulin ProblemsBookmark and Share
nsight: Overdoing it with the coffee may promote weight gain
Stay Cool During Hot WorkoutsBookmark and Share
nsight: Aspirin might raise your body's temperature in hot weather
Treadmill Mistakes: 8 Habits To Avoid At The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Here is what not to do on the treadmill
Researchers Create Exercise Guidelines To Beat DepressionBookmark and Share
nsight: A new report outlines a fitness-based Rx for treating the blues
The Worst Day To Schedule SurgeryBookmark and Share
nsight: Death rates are higher for patients who schedule surgeries at the end of the week
12 Weird Pain RemediesBookmark and Share
nsight: No painkillers? No problem.
Vegetarian Diet Tied To Fewer Deaths Over TimeBookmark and Share
nsight: People who limit how much meat they eat and stick to mostly fruits and vegetables are less likely to die over any particular period of time, according to a new study
7 Ways To Avoid The Worst Summer Calorie BombsBookmark and Share
nsight: Here's how to sidestep seven classic calorie bombs, and seriously upgrade your health.
The Bacteria That's Good For Your BrainBookmark and Share
nsight: Probiotics - the "good" bacteria in foods like yogurt - may boost your mood
June SuperfoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: 5 of our favorite picks for June
Eat To Boost Your On The Job PerformanceBookmark and Share
nsight: 7 foods that can help you focus at work
Why It's Crucial To Learn Healthy HabitsBookmark and Share
nsight: New research shows that when good-for-you behaviors are part of your everyday routine, they stick - even when your self-control goes out the window
Google Adds New Nutrition Search FeatureBookmark and Share
nsight: The search engine is rolling out a new tool today to help you find food facts more easily
How To Think Like A GeniusBookmark and Share
nsight: Smart guys are better at blocking out distractions
How Your Temper Hurts Your TickerBookmark and Share
nsight: Anger may boost your risk for heart attack
Probing The Mysteries Of ProbioticsBookmark and Share
nsight: Bacteria can help us and may have even more potential than we currently know
ADHD Medications Not Tied To Drug, Alcohol AbuseBookmark and Share
nsight: Taking Ritalin and other drugs for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn't affect a child's chances of trying or abusing alcohol and drugs later in life, a new review suggest
America's Fittest CitiesBookmark and Share
nsight: Not a shocker, this city has won three years in a row
Working Out Makes You HappierBookmark and Share
nsight: Physical activity fights off depression
Nighty Night: Soothing Summer Sleep TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some things to try before bed to ensure a well-rested summer's night of sleep
The Secret To Running FasterBookmark and Share
nsight: Yes, you can run faster and stronger without training harder or longer. The key? How you breathe
Control Stress With FishBookmark and Share
nsight: Fish oil may reduce the effects of psychological strain on your heart
Could Watching TV Lead To Lung Cancer?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Guys who watched more than 4 hours of TV a day had a 36 percent greater risk of developing lung cancer
10 Unexpected Ways To Meditate Every Day Bookmark and Share
nsight: Meditation can do way more than people think
The Exercise Equivalent Of A Cheeseburger?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New Research Says Endurance Running May Damage Health
Surprising Preworkout SnacksBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating a salty snack before your cardio workout may help prevent dehydration
Boost Your Testosterone InstantlyBookmark and Share
nsight: Competition against strangers or enemies - but not friends -can boost your testosterone levels if you come out on top
The Super Simple Way To Improve Your MoodBookmark and Share
nsight: You can make yourself happier by listening to positive music and making a mental effort to feel better at the same time
Too Few Kids Use Fast-Food Calorie Info, Study FindsBookmark and Share
nsight: Kids aren't making use of what is available
How To Avoid Foodborne Bacteria At A PicnicBookmark and Share
nsight: What to pick at a picnic (yes, you can have the potato salad!)
4 Of The Worst Foods For BloatingBookmark and Share
nsight: What to eat, and not to eat, to avoid abdominal discomfort
Your 12 Worst Allergy MistakesBookmark and Share
nsight: How to prevent and reduce allergy symptoms when pollen and outdoor allergens are making life miserable
Don't Eat It, Use It!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Surprising health uses for everyday foods
The Spice That Help You BreatheBookmark and Share
nsight: Ginger may help ease asthma symptoms
5 Reasons To Drink More WaterBookmark and Share
nsight: Water is free, easily accessible, and has major health benefits
5 Tips For Diet-Friedly Dining OutBookmark and Share
nsight: Swearing off restaurants isn't the answer. Ordering well is and here's how
Boys With ADHD May Become Obese AdultsBookmark and Share
nsight: Boys with ADHD may be at risk for obesity later in life according to a new study
The Other Vegetables You Should Be EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: White vegetables supply important nutrients that you may be missing
Can You Catch Up On Lost Sleep?Bookmark and Share
nsight: A short nap is generally better than a disruptive weekend lie-in
20 Percent Of Handbags Carry More Bacteria Than A ToiletBookmark and Share
nsight: One in five handbags contain higher levels of bacteria than the average toilet, Medical News Today reported.
Consuming More Fat May Make You DrowsyBookmark and Share
nsight: New research suggests that how much sleep you got last night isn't the only factor that impacts how bright-eyed you feel the next day.
4 Steps To A Successful Beach WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: New Research finds you torch more calories when you get moving on the sand
The Scary Risk Snorers FaceBookmark and Share
nsight: Even in the absence of sleep apnea, snoring may raise your risks of heart disease and stroke
Protect Your Eyes At Every AgeBookmark and Share
nsight: Learn how to keep your eyes healthy every decade of your life.
Best And Worst Foods For Your TeethBookmark and Share
nsight: A guide to foods that stain and erode teeth
Reducing Salt Consumption Unnecessary?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New report questions benefits of salt reduction
More Fit, Less CancerBookmark and Share
nsight: Fitness in middle age linked to lower cancer risk later on
6 Ways To Burn Fat Faster Bookmark and Share
nsight: Add these activities into your everyday fitness routine, and they're sure to add up to some big results!
Look For New Improved Sunscreen LabelsBookmark and Share
nsight: New labeling laws for sunscreen will help American consumers choose the product that provides the best sun protection, experts say.
Your Blueprint For BrainpowerBookmark and Share
nsight: Simply taking on a new challenge may be enough to boost brainpower
Should You Worry About Arsenic In ChickenBookmark and Share
nsight: Conventional chicken may contain inorganic arsenic
Get in Shape with KettlebellsBookmark and Share
nsight: If you haven't tried kettlebells yet, now is the time. Not only will they give you a tighter, more toned figure, but you'll also be able to cut down on your workout time.
Upgrade Your Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Turns out, some of the most popular exercise moves, like leg presses and leg extensions, are not as effective as you think. For a better workout check out the moves fitness experts recommend you do instead.
13 Things You Should Know About Arthritis Bookmark and Share
nsight: Arthritis has no cure but one of the best was to prevent it is to exercise and stay physically fit. Check out some other important facts you should know about arthritis.
50 Healthy Low-Calorie FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Healthy, low calorie foods make the perfect snack or addition to any meal, especially if you're watching your weight. Here are 50 low-calorie foods that you should incorporate into your diet to help achieve your weight loss goals.
When Computer Games May Keep The Brain NimbleBookmark and Share
nsight: A new study reveals that adults who played a video game helped their mental agility more than adults who did crossword puzzles
6 Things Your Sleep Says About Your HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: And tip-offs to help you figure out which ones apply to you
Could A Good Laugh Give You A Heart Attack?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Minor everyday noises could have short-term effects on your heart
10 Healthy Food Trends You Haven't Tried YetBookmark and Share
nsight: Looking for a new uber-healthy food to add to your repertoire? Check out this list of healthy food trends!
Natural Ways To Relieve Arthritis PainBookmark and Share
nsight: Many arthritis sufferers use what is known as complementary and alternative practices to manage their symptoms.
The Time You're Most Likely To BingeBookmark and Share
nsight: Cravings for sweet, salty, and starchy foods peak in the evening, when hunger levels are also at their highest
Owning A Dog Can Cut Your Heart Disease RateBookmark and Share
nsight: There are plausible psychological, sociological and physiological reasons to believe that pet ownership might actually have a causal role in decreasing cardiovascular risk.
Toast With Champagne, Boost Your MemoryBookmark and Share
nsight: Bubbly can boost your working spatial memory
Food Allergy Diagnosis: What Parents Should KnowBookmark and Share
nsight: Unfortunately, food and skin allergies are becoming increasingly more common in American children
11 Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost MetabolismBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are 11 ways to keep that body burning
Step Away From The Energy DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: Five healthy alternatives to energy drinks that will give you a midday boost without the caffeine crash
The Candy That CalmsBookmark and Share
nsight: Dark chocolate may calm you down
Would You Know If You Had Lyme Disease?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New research reveals that a surprising numbers of those affected are clueless
15 Ways To Simplify Your Life Bookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these tips to streamline your life
10 Foods That Expire In Your FridgeBookmark and Share
nsight: When was the last time you peered into your fridge, grabbed a container, and gave it a sniff?
5 Ways To Never Be Stressed AgainBookmark and Share
nsight: Everybody feels stress and knows it intimately, but very few of us think about what stress actually is.
8 Reasons Hills Make You A Better RunnerBookmark and Share
nsight: If you're one of those runners who shies away from the incline button on the treadmill or picks an outdoor route that specifically avoids any type of hill, then you could be missing out.
American Kids Have Higher Allergy RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: Researchers investigated whether place of birth affected the risk of developing allergies, and the answer turns out to be - yes.
Get This: Meditation's Good For Your MemoryBookmark and Share
nsight: Students who did about an hour of "mindfulness training" for eight days subsequently did better on the GRE as well as tests of working memory and mind-wandering.
The Meat Your Muscles NeedBookmark and Share
nsight: Beef not only helps younger men build muscle, but may also protect older guys from age-related muscle loss
The Worst Time To Grocery ShopBookmark and Share
nsight: You're more likely to buy high calorie foods if you shop on a empty stomach
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin E?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Vitamin E can help prevent obesity - related illnesses and boost your heart health
Health Nuts: Health Benefits For Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Peanuts And MoreBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are a few other health reasons to chow down on the snack
Guide To GreensBookmark and Share
nsight: Infographic: Leafy Greens 101
How To Stop Nighttime SnackingBookmark and Share
nsight: New research shows that our bodies may be physiologically programmed to crave cookies after dark.
Heart Failure Set To Spike 46 PercentBookmark and Share
nsight: The American Heart Association (AHA) projects that cases of heart failure will increase 46 percent by 2030
Are You Secretly Eating More Sugar?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Men ages 20 to 39 eat more added sugars - ingredients in processed or pre-prepared foods - than anyone else
The Vitamin That Fights FatigueBookmark and Share
nsight: Vitamin D could boost your energy levels
Common Stress Relief Tricks: What Works And What Doesn'tBookmark and Share
nsight: Among the biggest causes of stress in our lives were home organization, pressure to be more productive, bills, weight and getting too little sleep.
Brain Region Found To Control AgingBookmark and Share
nsight: For the first time, a brain region has been found that may control aging throughout the whole body, a new study reports.
Eggs May Increase Heart Disease RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating an excessive amount of eggs may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke - even for people without traditional risk factors
4 Ways To Energize Before Your Next RunBookmark and Share
nsight: Try these tips out before your next run
How To Be A Morning PersonBookmark and Share
nsight: Mornings may be rough for some of us, but hold off on sleeping in: There are perks to waking up with the sun.
12 Ways To Make Your Morning Commute ZenBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these steps to cut out the stress from your commute.
The Fruit That Lowers Blood SugarBookmark and Share
nsight: Obese adults who ate about half a mango a day for 12 weeks saw a significant reduction in blood sugar levels
7 Ways To Strengthen Your SpineBookmark and Share
nsight: Spinal problems can start as early as age 29, so it's never too early or too late to start
9 Ways To Silence Your Inner CriticBookmark and Share
nsight: Tips for staying positive and preventing self-criticism from spiraling out of control.
8 Ways A Simple Ice Cube Tray Can Help You Drop PoundsBookmark and Share
nsight: That unassuming little ice cube tray that sits in your freezer isn't just for water. It can actually be an effective tool to help you lose weight. Here's how.
3 Weight Loss Apps That WorkBookmark and Share
nsight: Virtual social circles can help you lose weight - provided the process is fun
Got Back Pain? Check Your PostureBookmark and Share
nsight: You probably spend hours in front of a computer every day - so make sure you're doing it right
Ways to Become More Physically ActiveBookmark and Share
nsight: Integrating more movement into your daily routine is a key step to adopting a healthy lifestyle and can be as simple as taking the stairs or keeping up with yard work. Try out some of these 10 ways to add more physical activity into your daily life.
20 Foods to Avoid Before Your WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating the wrong kinds of foods before you workout can sabotage your fitness efforts and affect your results. Here are 20 foods you should avoid before your workout session.
64 Activities You Can Burn 100 Calories DoingBookmark and Share
nsight: Everything you do burns calories, including common activities like vacuuming your house and shopping for groceries. Here are 64 simple and painless ways to burn 100 calories each day.
5 Healthy Afternoon HabitsBookmark and Share
nsight: Making slight changes to your daily routine can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss success. Here are 5 healthy afternoon habits that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.
Heart Attack Risk May Start In Early ChildhoodBookmark and Share
nsight: Scientists increasingly uncover links between healthy habits in childhood and risk for heart disease later in life
5 Foods With Surprising Impact On HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are five recent studies about the impressive health benefits of some of my favorite fruits and veggies, plus easy ways to gobble them up to reap the rewards
Late Nights Could Ruin Your HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: Getting just one poor night's sleep (4 hours) can make your blood vessels less flexible, raising your risk of cardiovascular disease
Can Binge Drinking Hurt Your Heart?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Binge drinking now could wreck your heart in the future
Sugary Sodas Increase Diabetes RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: A new study provides even more evidence that it's time to kick the habit
A Warning For Skin Cancer SurvivorsBookmark and Share
nsight: Beating skin cancer could actually raise your risk of other cancers in the future
The Weirdest Body Trick EverBookmark and Share
nsight: Clenching your fists could fight brain farts
Gut Bugs Implicated In Heart Attacks And StrokesBookmark and Share
nsight: Thousands of heart attack victims every year have none of the notorious risk factors before their crisis - not high cholesterol, not unhealthy triglycerides.
5 Ways To Decompress In Just 5 MinutesBookmark and Share
nsight: Taking that time to unwind can go a long way in helping you return to your activities feeling calm, centered and more productive.
We're Not Going To Take It AnymoreBookmark and Share
nsight: For common health problems, there are often simple diet and lifestyle solutions that get to the root of the problem without the need for medication
9 Natural Ways To Get (or fake) Whiter TeethBookmark and Share
nsight: Brighten up your teeth naturally without going to the dentist
The Best Nutrition Tips For Picky EatersBookmark and Share
nsight: All parents swap strategies for keeping their infants from becoming picky eaters
Start Your Day StrongBookmark and Share
nsight: Establish a morning routine for more productive and less stressful days
Walk vs. RunBookmark and Share
nsight: Slow and steady may provide equal health benefits, U.S. Study says
Foods To Power Up Your SpringBookmark and Share
nsight: There's a food movement afoot: Eating well to look, feel, and perform our very best is hot.
Don't Clean Your PlateBookmark and Share
nsight: Pushing kids to eat may cause obesity later
11 Surprising Health Benefits Of SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles.
Warning: Check Your Supplements For This Ingredient Bookmark and Share
nsight: The FDA wants you to double-check your medicine cabinet ASAP
The Random Thing That Boosts Your HappinessBookmark and Share
nsight: The further you are from home, the happier your tweets tend to be
Make Stress Your Secret WeaponBookmark and Share
nsight: Reframing the way you look at stress may improve your performance
4 Ways To Eat More To Weigh LessBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are 4 ways to eat more to weigh less
5 Tips For Coping With A TragedyBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some expert tips for how to cope with distressing world events
Don't Let Allergies Stop You From TravelingBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some tips gathered from allergy experts for various kinds of allergies when you're away from home
Exercise, Diet May Keep Apnea From Worsening Bookmark and Share
nsight: Losing weight through exercise and healthier eating may have long-term benefits for people with mild sleep apnea, a new study suggests
How To Make Decisions... And Stick To Them!Bookmark and Share
nsight: People are more satisfied with their decisions if they perform a physical act of closure (like closing the menu) after they've made their choice
The Food That Slashes Your Diabetes RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating walnuts could reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
Top 10 Reasons To Buy Food At The Farmer's MarketBookmark and Share
nsight: There are many reasons it's healthier to buy food from farmer's markets - here are the top 10
How To Break A Stress HabitBookmark and Share
nsight: Picking at your nails. Chewing your hair. Cracking your knuckles. Are you guilty of any of these?
7 Ways To Spring Clean Your HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these seven steps, and you'll be ready for a healthy and happy season.
Why's Your Heart Rate So HighBookmark and Share
nsight: Higher resting heart rates aren't just a problem for the less fit
Stop Overeating, Stat!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Closing your menu after ordering food can make you more satisfied with the grub you choose
The Best Hangover CureBookmark and Share
nsight: Aerobic exercise could prevent long-term brain damage caused by heavy drinking (five or more drinks a night)
The Simple Way To Breathe EasierBookmark and Share
nsight: Your lungs need a workout, too. Here's how to keep them in shape
The Worst Foods For Your BonesBookmark and Share
nsight: Like with many health conditions, the foods you choose -- or choose not -- to eat, can play an important role in preventing or managing symptoms
Foods That Make You HappyBookmark and Share
nsight: But beer isn't even close to the only food that triggers the brain's centers for reward and pleasure
All-Time Best Belly-Shrinking TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some tips to lose inches from your belly
5 Healthy Sandwich Recipes From Around The WebBookmark and Share
nsight: Even for the most creative cooks and foodies, putting together a healthy and interesting lunch day after day can be a challenge.
Is This Why You're Lazy?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Some people are genetically less motivated to exercise than others
The Best Off-Day WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Practicing yoga just twice a week could improve your lung function
6 Ways Your Body Gets Better With AgeBookmark and Share
nsight: While you're busy stressing over that one gray hair, you may miss some of the subtle shifts that make getting older a good thing. It's time to celebrate!
7 Ways To Curb Junk-Food CravingsBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some ways to control your desire for not-so-healthy foods.
How To Become A Morning Workout PersonBookmark and Share
nsight: Even if you're an early bird, getting up before the sun rises to go sweat your butt off can be seriously daunting.
Just How Bad Are Our Bad Habits?Bookmark and Share
nsight: We all know what we should do: eat right, stay out of trouble, exercise, practice perfect hygiene
Is It Possible To Be Addicted To Stress?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Some experts believe we secretly enjoy freaking out
25 Fast And Easy Ways To Get Healthier Bookmark and Share
nsight: Get going! Here are 25 ways to get healthier right now
Heart Attacks: What You Should KnowBookmark and Share
nsight: What you do in the first few minutes can determine an entire lifetime
The Best And Worst Foods For AllergiesBookmark and Share
nsight: But it turns out avoiding certain foods -- and adding more of others -- can affect your likelihood of developing seasonal allergies
Can This Healthy Food Give You Diabetes? Bookmark and Share
nsight: People with the highest levels of mercury - commonly found in seafood - were 65 percent more likely to develop diabetes than those with low levels
6 Foods That This Nutritionist Eats Every DayBookmark and Share
nsight: There are some foods I consider daily must-eats
How To Sneak More Fiber Into Your DietBookmark and Share
nsight: People who eat more fiber are less likely to suffer a stroke
Recharge Your Brain In 10 MinutesBookmark and Share
nsight: Taking a walk in a tree-filled park or leafy courtyard may ease stress
7 Steps To Defy Your Age Inside And OutBookmark and Share
nsight: Wouldn't it be nice to feel 21 again
Gluten: 5 Things You Need To KnowBookmark and Share
nsight: If you're confused by the gluten-free diet craze, you're not alone.
The Easiest Way To Relax This MinuteBookmark and Share
nsight: Music can reduce stress levels - sometimes even more effectively than prescription drugs
20 Snacks That Burn FatBookmark and Share
nsight: What you eat between meals matters more than you think. These choices boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast.
Seeing Happiness In Facial Expressions, Instead Of Anger, Can Lessen AggressionBookmark and Share
nsight: How you perceive emotions in others can have a real impact on how you feel yourself, according to a new study.
Walking And Running May Offer Similar Health Benefits Bookmark and Share
nsight: Walkers who feel as though they are way down on the exercise chain can now hold their heads a little higher
New Study Indicates That Reducing Salt Intake Could Save 100,000 lives per yearBookmark and Share
nsight: A reduction in dietary salt intake by 50 percent could prevent approximately 100,000 deaths from heart attack and stroke in the United States every year
The Best Exercises: 5 Moves You Really NeedBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are what some consider to be the top five big-bang-for-your-buck movement patterns and how you can add them to your routine
The Health Risk Bald Men Have Bookmark and Share
nsight: Hair loss at the top or crown of your head (instead of the front) could be a risk factor for coronary heart disease
3 Disease-Fighting FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Improve the number and function of your infection-fighting white blood cells so your body's better prepared for battle. Start by eating these three foods
Can You Reverse Memory LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Losing your mind? You can get it back
What Fast Food Is Doing To Your KidsBookmark and Share
nsight: Before you bite into that Big Mac, take a deep breath--because deep breaths could be harder to come by if you're indulging in fast food more than three times a week.
Are Your Bad Habits As Bad As You Think?Bookmark and Share
nsight: From not replacing an old kitchen sponge to sitting on public toilets, we reveal which parts of your daily routine you might want to rethink - and which are no big deal.
How To Survive a Setback Bookmark and Share
nsight: Setbacks are part of life, but DeRulo found a way to make the best of his.
Low Melatonin May Boost Diabetes RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: Low levels of melatonin, a hormone involved in the sleep-wake cycle, may increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes in women, a new study suggests.
Workout Plans For Every ExcuseBookmark and Share
nsight: Is a little voice inside your head insisting that your obstacles to exercising are stronger than you are? Psych it out with a few ingenious strategies that overcome just about every excuse.
How To Make Healthy Choices At The BallparkBookmark and Share
nsight: We asked nutritionists across the country how to hit concession stands without putting thousands of empty calories on the scoreboard.
3 Fitness Apps You Need NowBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are 3 fitness apps that really give your workouts a boost-and best of all, they all have free versions!
Stress Myths: 9 Common Misconceptions About Causes, Symptoms & TreatmentBookmark and Share
nsight: Click through the slideshow for 9 of the biggest myths about stress.
Wine Or Your Waistline? 3 Rules To FollowBookmark and Share
nsight: Let's face it, sometimes there's nothing better at the end of a long day than a glass of wine.
The Weight-Loss Lie You Tell YourselfBookmark and Share
nsight: If you think you've been good in the past, you allow yourself to behave badly in the future
Why Anger Makes You UnhealthyBookmark and Share
nsight: Anger may raise your diabetes risk
Can Your Earlobes Predict Heart Disease?Bookmark and Share
nsight: A diagonal crease or wrinkle in your earlobe could be an early sign of heart disease
6 Breakfasts That Crush CravingsBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating a protein-rich breakfast may help control appetite and curb the urge to snack in the evening
5 Foods For Healthy EyesBookmark and Share
nsight: These five surprising foods will help keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp.
Fight Cancer And Heart Disease At OnceBookmark and Share
nsight: Protect your ticker and you'll keep away cancer, too.
3 Weird Things That Kill Your MemoryBookmark and Share
nsight: Avoid these three things to keep your memory strong.
7 Fresh And Healthy Vegetable Pizza RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: When we crave pizza, we don't want lean versions of fat-laden standards. We want new, healthy takes with big, bold flavors.
The Best Weight-Loss Advice From Diet BloggersBookmark and Share
nsight: You know how it goes: Each day you carefully plan out your diet-friendly fare, only to find yourself face-to-face with cookies on the conference table or a friend's nachos order.
Can You Smell Obesity?Bookmark and Share
nsight: According to the latest research, it may be on your breath.
The Secret To Running Farther Bookmark and Share
nsight: Running intervals on flat terrain may be more effective than hill repeats for improving your distance running
Springtime Allergies Are More Severe, Last Longer Now, Experts SayBookmark and Share
nsight: Folks with spring allergies are likely already experiencing sneezing, watery eyes and fatigue because of tree pollen, experts say.
5 Surprising Ways You Could Be Damaging Your KidneysBookmark and Share
nsight: There are other everyday behaviors that don't seem harmful but in actuality may be damaging your body.
2-Minute Happiness BoosterBookmark and Share
nsight: Clicking through old photos on Facebook can help boost your mood
The Checklist That Slashes Your Cancer RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: People who follow six or more items on the American Heart Association's list of seven heart-healthy guidelines lower their cancer risk by 51 percent
The Healthiest Nut You May Not Be EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: Pistachios pack some serious heart and blood benefits
Three Ways That Sweat Makes You SmarterBookmark and Share
nsight: People who regularly exercised when they were younger performed better on memory and functioning tests at age 50 than those who didn't hit the gym growing up
Need Motivation? Check Out This 102-Year-Old Gym GoerBookmark and Share
nsight: The next time you're thinking about skipping your trip to the gym, think about Ray Clark.
4 Get Healthy Ideas For The First Of SpringBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are four new ideas for embracing spring
Help! Why Can't I Lose Weight With Exercise?Bookmark and Share
nsight: It may sound odd, but being active doesn't guarantee weight loss.
The Simple Way To Eat BetterBookmark and Share
nsight: Looking at a waistline-friendly food (like an orange) may help keep you from reaching for an unhealthy snack, according to a study in the journalEating Behaviors
Top 10 Super Foods For SpringBookmark and Share
nsight: These science-backed foods will boost your mood, energy, metabolism, and memory.
11 Anti-Aging DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: Keep your mind razor-sharp and body finely honed with these 11 anti-aging drinks.
9 Appetite Suppressants That Actually WorkBookmark and Share
nsight: Most weight-loss aids don't work--here are some natural (and FREE) ones that do
Sugary Drinks Linked to 180,000 Deaths WorldwideBookmark and Share
nsight: Consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages may contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world, mainly due to Type 2 diabetes, a new study says
Lost Sleep Can Lead To Weight GainBookmark and Share
nsight: The best path to a healthy weight may be a good night's sleep.
When A Calorie Isn't A Calorie: Parsing The Raw Vs. Cooked Food Debate And The Curious Case Of AlmondsBookmark and Share
nsight: There is new evidence to suggest that the type of food, as well as the degree of processing, could influence the number of calories available to our bodies when we eat it.
The Tiny Muscles Hoops Players NeedBookmark and Share
nsight: Strengthening your toe flexor muscles may boost your basketball game
5 Ways To Boost Good CholesterolBookmark and Share
nsight: Higher levels of HDL, or "good" cholesterol, can help protect you from developing an aortic aneurysm
7 Ways To Speed Up Your Slim DownBookmark and Share
nsight: Scale stuck? It happens to everybody. Fortunately, you can take action to move that dial closer to your goal weight
Scientists Develop New Breath Test For StressBookmark and Share
nsight: Researchers from Loughborough University and Imperial College London have identified six compounds found in a person's breath that could indicate whether or not a person is experiencing stress
What Is "Processed Meats" Exactly?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New research shows a link between processed meat consumption and premature death
This Bad Habit Could Make You SickBookmark and Share
nsight: Dwelling on stressful events could raise inflammation levels in your body by 20 percent
Should I Worry About Superbugs?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Drug-resistant germs are spreading through hospitals and nursing homes. Could you catch them?
The Gluten-Free Craze Is Still Going StrongBookmark and Share
nsight: About one in three American adults say they're cutting down on gluten or completely eliminating it from their diets
The Food Label Lie You're Falling ForBookmark and Share
nsight: You're more likely to think candy is healthy if the calorie label is green instead of white or red
10 Unhealthy Habits That You Need To Break NowBookmark and Share
nsight: Some of the things you do - or don't do - every day might be sabotaging your efforts to be healthier.
5 Foods That Improve Your Memory (Video)Bookmark and Share
nsight: There are some simple things you can do and eat to improve your memory.
Tips For Allergy Sufferers Bookmark and Share
nsight: There may still be snow on the ground, but allergy season has arrived
Eating Clean Is About To Get EasierBookmark and Share
nsight: Whole Foods recently announced that the chain will require labeling on all genetically modified (GM) foods sold in its stores
Up Your Self-Control ASAPBookmark and Share
nsight: Exercise can boost your self-control
The New Skin Cancer FighterBookmark and Share
nsight: Regular aspirin use may help curb the risk of melanoma for women
Go To Gym, Get Paid, RepeatBookmark and Share
nsight: Dollar signs shrink your gut
Eastern Practices To Improve Your Western WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Learn about what practices like acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping can do to make our everyday workouts better.
The Top 7 Foods For RunnersBookmark and Share
nsight: Here, seven great foods for runners -- peanut butter tops the list!
5 Questions To Ask Before Trying Any DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Ask these questions before jumping into any diet.
The Easy Solution For Lower Back PainBookmark and Share
nsight: Walking is just as effective at easing lower back pain as muscle-strengthening exercises
The Worst Way To SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Chills in the bedroom may not be a good thing
Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually MoveBookmark and Share
nsight: Working out at the gym might not be enough to stay fit if you spend much of the rest of the day sitting down.
Secret To Boosting Your Athletic Performance in 10 SecondsBookmark and Share
nsight: Here's something you can sink your teeth into: Chewing - whether it's gum, sunflower seeds, or a mouth guard - improves your reaction time and alertness
The Perfect Morning WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Jumpstart your fat burners and build muscle with this quick at-home routine
Drink This, Protect Your BrainBookmark and Share
nsight: Green tea may help prevent Alzheimer's disease
14 Foods You Should Never EatBookmark and Share
nsight: Avoid the worst of what grocery stores have to offer.
11 Healthy Kale Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: Kale is one of the healthiest veggies you can put on your plate.
Go Ahead - Work Out At NightBookmark and Share
nsight: People who exercise are between 56 percent to 67 percent more likely to say they typically get a good night's sleep - regardless of what time a day they sweat it out
The Surprising Way To Eat HealthierBookmark and Share
nsight: Carrying your groceries instead of pushing a cart could lead to healthier food choices
20 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Healthier FastBookmark and Share
nsight: Being healthier doesn't have to mean overhauling your entire lifestyle.
3 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn From CentenariansBookmark and Share
nsight: Unique perspectives from older athletes
The Worst Foods For StressBookmark and Share
nsight: There are a number of unhealthy ways to cope with pressure and anxiety, but "stress eating" candy and chips -- or turning to alcohol and energy drinks -- might just take the proverbial cake.
The Ultimate 10-Minute Jump Rope WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Jumping rope can burn as many calories as running
Too Much Salt May Trigger Autoimmune Diseases, Study FindsBookmark and Share
nsight: Increased salt consumption may be a key culprit behind rising rates of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, researchers reported on Wednesday in a trio of papers looking at the role of a specific class of cells linked with inflammation
Too Tired To Work Out?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Everyone has those days when it seems like it's impossible to find the motivation to work out.
How To Make Running Shoes Last LongerBookmark and Share
nsight: Try these strategies for prolonging the life of your shoes.
Eat 6 Ounces Of This Food Weekly Bookmark and Share
nsight: Scientists found that those who ate 3 or more servings of nuts a week were nearly 40 percent less likely to be obese
Pump Up Your Immune SystemBookmark and Share
nsight: Follow these simple steps to be the type of person who never catches a cold or comes down with the flu.
The Food That Fights Colon CancerBookmark and Share
nsight: Resistant starches - complex carbs found in foods like beans - can help you fight colon cancer, lose weight, and improve digestion
Is Cold Weather Good For You?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Cold weather could lead to a longer life
4 Of The Most Underrated VeggiesBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some vegetables that deserve more recognition
5 Ways To Sneak More Vegetables Into Your DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Consuming more vegetables is one of the most important steps in improving the quality of your diet.
How Poor Sleep Sabotages Your GenesBookmark and Share
nsight: Poor sleep can increase your risk for several deadly diseases
3 Things That Your Doctor Might MissBookmark and Share
nsight: Primary-care doctors often miss or incorrectly identify a wide range of common conditions, some as minor as carpal tunnel syndrome and some as serious as cancer
The Weirdest Way To Boost Your MoodBookmark and Share
nsight: A specific memory strategy called the "method-of-loci" technique helps depressed people recall positive memories
How To Triple Your Happiness Bookmark and Share
nsight: Keeping a diary of positive life experiences has already been shown to offer heaps of psychological benefits
20 Best Foods For BreakfastBookmark and Share
nsight: A healthy breakfast can give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for smart decisions all day long.
The Simple Way To Avoid The FluBookmark and Share
nsight: Flu particles and moist air don't mix
12 Reasons That Your Healthy Habits Are Not WorkingBookmark and Share
nsight: Making healthy lifestyle changes requires more than simply flipping a switch.
Is Calcium Dangerous?Bookmark and Share
nsight: New research finds that too much of the mineral can be hazardous to your health
19 Natural Remedies For Anxiety Bookmark and Share
nsight: There are many safe nondrug remedies for anxiety, from mind-body techniques to supplements to calming teas.
How To Kick Your Fast-Food Habit-For GoodBookmark and Share
nsight: These tips will help even the biggest addicts do less damage at the drive-thru.
Salt Sugar FatBookmark and Share
nsight: What makes Coke's formula so addictive goes beyond sugar or any secret flavorings
What You Don't Know About Processed FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Chances are you've never set food inside a processing plant to see how many of these products are actually made.
5 Things You May Not Know About Olive OilBookmark and Share
nsight: Nutritionists have long touted the heart-healthy benefits of extra-virgin olive oil.
A Smile A Day Can Keep The Doctor AwayBookmark and Share
nsight: Smiling could be good for your health.
6 Ways To Save Time At The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are six tips to streamline your trip to the gym without sacrificing your workout.
25 Easy Tips To Make Your Desk Healthier Bookmark and Share
nsight: Making a few simple switches to your office routine can help you feel healthier all day long.
Do Less, Achieve MoreBookmark and Share
nsight: The key to getting things done - without burning out - is to work fewer, more productive hours
5 New Breakfast SuperfoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Add these five nutrient packed ingredients to your breakfast to kick it up a notch.
30 Days To a Healthier HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: Small lifestyle changes can lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 83%.
The Worst Foods For SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Could there be foods that are actually keeping us up at night?
Beyonce's Post-Baby Weight Loss Secret: Should You Try It?Bookmark and Share
nsight: It involves eating one vegan meal per day.
3 Surprising Ways To Fight A ColdBookmark and Share
nsight: The shorter your telomeres - snips of proteins and DNA at the ends of your chromosomes - the more susceptible you may be to catching a cold
Sodium Slashing Food SwapsBookmark and Share
nsight: Scaling back on salt can save your life, but don't just set down the shaker. Pay attention to processed foods, give these recipes a shot
5 Myths About CholesterolBookmark and Share
nsight: New information may change what you think you know about HDL and LDL cholesterol and heart health.
Best And Worst Movie FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let the calorie counts of theater treats ruin your night -- there are smart ways to snack at the movies.
New Rules For StretchingBookmark and Share
nsight: It's time we rewrite the book on stretching and provide you with a flexibility plan that's not only effective, but also simple, fast, and painless.
Too Much Sitting Linked To Cancer, Other Health ProblemsBookmark and Share
nsight: A new study suggests that the more people sit each day, the greater their risk for chronic health problems, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Best Fitness Trackers: What Should You Try?Bookmark and Share
nsight: The Healthy Living team decided to put the most popular models to the test.
10 Ways To Deal With Shin SplintsBookmark and Share
nsight: Even if the ache isn't that bad, it's still a minor injury. Pushing through the pain could result in more severe tears - an injury that could sideline your running routine altogether.
The One Veggie You Should Buy At The Farmers' MarketBookmark and Share
nsight: Organic tomatoes contain 55 percent more vitamin C and 140 percent more disease-fighting phenols than conventionally-grown tomatoes
Cardiologist-Approved Recipes For A Healthy HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: When cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men in the United States - and risk factors, like high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, diabetes and obesity, are tied to what you eat-it's never too early to adopt some heart-healthy eating habits
How To Be Nicer...To YourselfBookmark and Share
nsight: Self-compassion, or self-kindness, is vital to your mental well-being and life satisfaction
20 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Healthier FastBookmark and Share
nsight: Being healthier doesn't have to mean overhauling your entire lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes.
Treadmill Workout: Programs And Routines For Indoor WorkoutsBookmark and Share
nsight: Can't run outside? Try these fun boredom-busting treadmill workout ideas.
37 Protein-Packed Recipes To Keep You SatisfiedBookmark and Share
nsight: Delicious ways to enjoy the fat-fighting, muscle-building power of protein.
Portion Sizes: Calories in Salad Ingredients Bookmark and Share
nsight: Beyond healthy greens and fresh vegetables, those other small toppings can really add up. So we decided to illustrate just what 50-, 100- or 200-calorie portions of favorite salad toppings look like.
Man Does 2,501 Pullups!Bookmark and Share
nsight: With great motivation, man does over 2,500 pullups in 15hr grueling, sweat session
Try This 7-Second Motivation TrickBookmark and Share
nsight: Mapping out important dates can help you reach your health goals
Winter Skin Tips: How To Fix Dryness And MoreBookmark and Share
nsight: We're more than halfway through winter, but if you're anything like us, your skin may be reaching peak dryness.
Tips For Treating Excessive SweatingBookmark and Share
nsight: Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it could be more than just the weather that's causing you to perspire
Simple Changes May Make Healthy Living EasierBookmark and Share
nsight: Chances are you know what's good for you - daily exercise, avoiding tempting sweets and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. But chances are, you don't follow this advice.
17 Superfoods That Fight Disease Bookmark and Share
nsight: Some fresh foods are more powerful than others.
Diet Crutches: What Works, What Doesn'tBookmark and Share
nsight: Diet crutches: tricks, based on scant science, that may speed up diet results.
How The Weather Screws With Your WeightBookmark and Share
nsight: After Hurricane Sandy, people living on the east coast were twice as likely to skip exercise than people in less affected parts of the country
Heed The Warnings Of Your BMIBookmark and Share
nsight: BMI can provide a useful snapshot of how someone's weight compares to healthy standards.
How To Give Your Fridge A Healthy MakeoverBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some go-to tips for giving your fridge a healthy makeover.
The Surprising Thing That Helps You Live LongerBookmark and Share
nsight: People who help others are less likely to die after stressful events
7 Ways To Escape Negative ThinkingBookmark and Share
nsight: If you are finding yourself trapped in negative thinking patterns and want out, here are some tips to help break the cycle.
Guilt-Free V-Day DessertsBookmark and Share
nsight: Try these diet-friendly desserts - they're delicious, adorable, and all under 200 calories!
How Your Diet Affects Your SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: The variety of food you eat may play a key role in determining your sleep cycle.
A 5-Step Plan To Becoming A Morning Workout PersonBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are some ways to work up to becoming a morning workout person.
Eat These 5 Foods For Heart HealthBookmark and Share
nsight: Let's explore 5 simple tips you can take to make sure you take control of your own heart and your health.
7 Easy Ways To Kickstart Your MetabolismBookmark and Share
nsight: All the little decisions you make about eating and moving make a big difference in your calorie-torching ability.
Slash The Salt, Save Your LifeBookmark and Share
nsight: If Americans cut back on the amount of sodium they down every day, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved over the next 10 years, according to new study findings
Jillian Michaels: Weight Loss Tips That WorkBookmark and Share
nsight: It's still about eating less and moving more, but there's a way to do it so you don't feel miserable
The Worst Foods For Your HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: In honor of American Heart Month, we've rounded up some of the worst foods for your heart.
5 Fixes For Achy JointsBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let joint pain move you to the sidelines. Consult our guide for staying in the game.
6 Ways To Have Good Gym Hygiene Bookmark and Share
nsight: Fitness junkies have some pretty nasty habits. How not to be that person.
Eat Less, Feel Fuller!Bookmark and Share
nsight: Very small snacks are just as hunger-squashing as large between-meal binges
Came Down With A Cold Or The Flu? Eat These Foods Bookmark and Share
nsight: A healthy diet can boost your immune system, but if you still happen to catch a cold, or worse, the flu, it's essential in helping you recover faster.
Hop On The Treadmill And Burn More Calories With These TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: If you want to kick it up a notch and burn more calories, then here are four easy techniques to incorporate into your next treadmill run.
The Day When New Year Resolutions DieBookmark and Share
nsight: The biggest drop-off in gym participation regularly occurs 38 days after January 1
Maximum MetabolismBookmark and Share
nsight: The secret to faster fat loss isn't more time in the gym - it's targeting more muscle
13 Foods To Add To Your Diet In 2013Bookmark and Share
nsight: 2013 has arrived and with it, my yearly list of foods you may want to consider adding (or have more of) this year.
Heart Healthy RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: Ramp up your home cooking with these nutrient-packed dishes the next time your tummy - or your heart - needs a boost.
Detox Diet: Is It Right For You?Bookmark and Share
nsight: It's a new year, and the new you might be looking to de-clutter not just your desk and closet but also your mind and body.
The Fast Food That May Cause CancerBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating deep fried foods boosts your risk of prostate cancer
Getting Into Your Exercise GrooveBookmark and Share
nsight: Scientists have definitively established that, like other animals, humans naturally aim to use as little energy as possible during most movement. Here are tips on how to find your groove.
Common Dieting Mistakes, SolvedBookmark and Share
nsight: These are the top blunders and simple solutions that will help you lose weight.
Obesity Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency Bookmark and Share
nsight: Being obese can cause a deficiency in vitamin D, reports a new study.
Heavy Lifting: Sculpt a Stronger, Leaner, Slimmer BodyBookmark and Share
nsight: This total-body strength plan will scorch major calories and transform your shape.
7 Healthy Foods That Fight StressBookmark and Share
nsight: These seven healthy picks have natural stress-reducing powers of their own.
How To Become A Morning Workout PersonBookmark and Share
nsight: New research helps morning workout fiends to lose weight faster. Tips on how to join them.
17 Creative Ways To Move More Every DayBookmark and Share
nsight: Short bouts of activity can be just as beneficial to your health as a full-blown sweat session.
5 Must-Have Traits Of Your Workout WingmanBookmark and Share
nsight: The five characteristics every gym-goers' right-hand man (or women) should have.
8 Healthy And Delicious Take-To-Work SnacksBookmark and Share
nsight: These nutritious treats on crackers are going to annihilate your midday junk food cravings and show NO REMORSE.
Why Do Cardio?Bookmark and Share
nsight: If used correctly, cardio has a purpose. And there is always a place for it in a good fitness program.
The Easiest Way To Shrink Your GutBookmark and Share
nsight: Small bites trick your brain into believing you are eating more food
3 Protein-Packed Dinners For A Postwork Gym SessionBookmark and Share
nsight: Instead of grabbing whatever is in sight, or ordering takeout on the way home, a little planning - and a lot of protein - will go a long way.
Eat This, Lose Weight!Bookmark and Share
nsight: A new study shows that losing weight isn't as simple as calories in minus calories out. The content of those calories counts, too
8 Ways To Protect Your TickerBookmark and Share
nsight: The American Heart Association has made February Go Red for Women month, and they want you to know the easy moves that'll keep your ticker in top shape
The Best Post-Workout SnacksBookmark and Share
nsight: Add some soy and dairy to your post-workout snack: The combo appears to be more effective at repairing and building muscle than pure dairy protein alone
7 Quirky Moves For Flatter AbsBookmark and Share
nsight: Fun, almost-effortless ways to tighten your belly without a single sit-up
Myths Of Weight Loss Are Plentiful, Researcher SaysBookmark and Share
nsight: In an article published online today in The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers lay out seven myths and six unsubstantiated presumptions about obesity.
Running With The 4-8-12 RuleBookmark and Share
nsight: It is in vogue to exercise and even more in vogue to run. But with New Year's resolutions quickly fading, the real question is this: How do you turn a fad into a lasting, meaningful habit and a healthy lifestyle?
9 Ways to Keep It Healthy When Eating OutBookmark and Share
nsight: When we eat out, we tend to overdo it. While an occasional splurge is OK, if we're not smart about our menu choices, we may be hunting for a larger wardrobe.
Get Fit With MathBookmark and Share
nsight: Have a handle on basic algebra? Crunch some numbers to uncover some cool things about your caloric needs, body weight and workout intensity.
Leg Workouts For MenBookmark and Share
nsight: It's no secret that muscular legs come down to this dreaded fact: You have to train legs. This article will teach you how to do so efficiently.
What's The Danger Of An All-Fruit Diet?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Eating an all fruit-diet isn't the best way to keep your body healthy and strong. Incorporate these 10 "super foods" into your meals to ensure your are getting the nutrients you need.
Top 10 Food And Health Trends Bookmark and Share
nsight: Find out which top food and health trends you can expect in the new year.
The Truth About Post-Workout ShakesBookmark and Share
nsight: Research doesn't actually prove that it works - or doesn't work, for that matter.
5 Fun Ways to Exercise With A Workout BuddyBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are five fun ways to stick to a new workout routine with the help of a friend.
Meal Times May Affect Weight Loss SuccessBookmark and Share
nsight: Losing weight may not be just about what you eat but when you eat it, according to a new study.
10 Tips For Safer ExerciseBookmark and Share
nsight: Here are 10 helpful tips from a noted sports physical therapist that will help make your workouts safer.
12 Symptoms To Never Tough OutBookmark and Share
nsight: In some cases, ignoring or "toughing out" symptoms can put your health -- and in some cases, your life -- in danger. Here, experts talk about signs to never ignore.
22 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lose WeightBookmark and Share
nsight: The key to staying motivated is similar to fuel in a car - you don't need the motivation tank to be full to drive, you just need to prevent it from running empty.
Foods Essential For DetoxBookmark and Share
nsight: While indulging in drinks and treats on a weekend night may be fun, all that merriment can make your insides feel like a toxic wasteland. Include these antioxidant-rich foods proven to heal and repair you from the inside out after a night on the town.
The Bad Habit You Must Break By Age 44Bookmark and Share
nsight: People who quit smoking by age 44 tend to live nearly as long as those who never smoked.
Playlist: 10 Pop Music Picks For The GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Since breaking a sweat is what you want in the gym, faster songs are the way to go.
10 Healthy Habits To Nail This WeekBookmark and Share
nsight: Feeling like you need a healthy living revamp? Here are 10 ways to make this week your healthiest yet.
How To Break ANY Bad HabitBookmark and Share
nsight: Here is a 11-step guide to breaking any bad habit, based on the hundreds of psychology studies.
How Bobby Flay Learned To Be HealthyBookmark and Share
nsight: Four years ago, Bobby Flay looked in the mirror and, like many men his age, was not happy with what he saw. He made simple changes to improve his health.
Pre-Workout Snack Ideas For The MorningBookmark and Share
nsight: Wake up early in the morning to exercise and need to fuel your workout? Go for a mix of protein and easily digestible carbs, which allow your body to stay energized during your workout without weighing it down.
Workout: 6 Moves To Larger LegsBookmark and Share
nsight: Build yourself up to be a powerhouse with this 6-move leg routine for size.
The Best Healthy Living Apps for Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Download these tools and games to make working out, eating well, and slimming down fun and easy.
20 Tips for Building Bigger MusclesBookmark and Share
nsight: The nation's top trainers spill the tricks of the trade to help you maximize muscle gain and strengthen from head to toe
The Depressing Truth About Sugary DrinksBookmark and Share
nsight: People who drink regular or diet soda, iced tea, or fruit punch are more likely to suffer from depression, while coffee drinkers are less prone to the blues.
If You Could Only Give One Piece Of Health Advice, What Would It Be?Bookmark and Share
nsight: Of course it takes more than one silver bullet to live a healthy lifestyle -- but in the spirit of streamlining, we asked 25 of our favorite health experts to tell us: If You could only share one piece of health advice, what would it be?
12 Months To Healthier EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: It takes at least a year, if not two, to transform the way an individual or family eats. Here are some recipes to get you started.
The 10 Worst Exercises For Your BackBookmark and Share
nsight: Perform these strength moves wrong, and you're in for a backache (or worse). Experts explain how to fix your form and offer even better alternatives
The Indoor Running WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Can't get outside or to a treadmill? This circuit is your perfect solution; it alternates running-inspired cardio moves.
Secrets Of People Who Never Get SickBookmark and Share
nsight: Wish you could be one of these people who never get sick? Try one or -- even better -- all of these secrets, and you too could join the club this flu season.
10 Best Foods For Your HeartBookmark and Share
nsight: A good-for-your-ticker diet doesn't have to be bland or boring, as we show you here with these heart-y foods that will leave you satisfied.
Booze Gives You WrinklesBookmark and Share
nsight: A new app claims to show how your drinking habits will mess with your looks over time, and the result isn't pretty.
Save 100 Calories Or More At Lunch With These TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: When it comes to lunch and weight loss, you've got to choose wisely.
6 Diet Trends You Should Never TryBookmark and Share
nsight: Before you even think about starting a diet to drop pounds fast, we've compiled a list of the worst diets around so you won't waste your time on them.
7 Ways To Revamp Your Space For Weight Loss SuccessBookmark and Share
nsight: Changing our environment, experts say, may be more effective than trying to control our natural impulses. Borrow a few ideas to revamp your space for weight loss success.
20 Habits That Make You FatBookmark and Share
nsight: Some of the things you think are harmless are actually destroying your chances of losing weight.
The Best Snacks For MenBookmark and Share
nsight: More than 1,000 supermarket foods were analyzed and were awarded points for products that are low in calories and high in protein and fiber, and made with whole ingredients.
Fresh vs. FrozenBookmark and Share
nsight: It's midwinter and near-impossible to find fresh local produce beyond root vegetables. So what is the second-best choice? Frozen? Or well-traveled fresh? What about when it comes to meat?
5 Habits To Relieve StressBookmark and Share
nsight: Life is hectic. Here are 5 ways to reduce stress at anytime.
What To Eat To Boost Your MemoryBookmark and Share
nsight: Did you know that eating certain foods can boost your memory? Here is the list.
Foods To Eat That Can Keep The Flu AwayBookmark and Share
nsight: Eat these foods to help prevent catching the flu.
Even More Reason You Need More SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Ways to sleep yourself skinny.
Stay Hip with the Current Food TrendsBookmark and Share
nsight: Keeping up with the latest food trends can be tricky, as they tend to change rapidly. Stay ahead of the curve this year and check out what's in and what's out in food for 2013.
Simple, No-Heat Lunch Ideas for WorkBookmark and Share
nsight: Warm, hearty lunches may be great for chilly winter days, but they're not always easy to prepare for work. Here are 5 healthy, no-heat, no-fuss lunches you can bring to work.
Maximize Your Time on Cardio Machines Bookmark and Share
nsight: Cardio machines can help you effectively burn fat and improve endurance, but only if you take advantage of all they have to offer. Make the most of your time on your favorite cardio machine with the help of these workout-boosting tips.
7 Nutrients for Stronger, Leaner MusclesBookmark and Share
nsight: Not eating the proper vitamins and nutrients after you workout can compromise your ability to build muscle and lose fat. Make sure your hard work in the gym doesn't go to waste; here are 7 nutrients that can help supplement muscle growth.
5 Beginner Strength Training MovesBookmark and Share
nsight: Strength training, which can help you tone up, should be a part of any fitness routine. If you are a beginner, here are 5 essential exercises you should combine for a total body workout.
9 Resolutions You Should Simplify and Revise Bookmark and Share
nsight: Setting goals that are too vague or aim too high is a mistake many people make when choosing their New Year's resolutions. Don't let your New Year's goals fall by the wayside; here are 9 ways to make your resolutions more achievable.
Worst Exercises for Your Back Bookmark and Share
nsight: Exercises that target your core and back can help increase flexibility and balance, but when performed incorrectly, they can cause a world of pain. Avoid a backache and check out how to perform these 10 exercises using proper form.
9 Ways to Make Cardio More Tolerable Bookmark and Share
nsight: Cardio exercise can help boost aerobic endurance, improve muscle health, and increase fat loss, but it's also something many people dread. Here are 9 more reasons why you should do cardio and ways to make it more tolerable.
Wake up and boost your metabolismBookmark and Share
nsight: How you start your morning can affect the way you feel the rest of the day. Here are 5 ways to wake up and boost your metabolism each morning.
How to Transform Your BodyBookmark and Share
nsight: Stars know how to get fit and stay healthy. Check out how this star got into fierce shape and how you can too with the help of these fitness tips.
How Global Wellness Trends DifferBookmark and Share
nsight: New research shows that attitudes toward health and fitness differ in each country. Check out the different global health trends from around the world.
4 Ways to Fight Signs of AgingBookmark and Share
nsight: Grey hair and wrinkles are a side effect of aging, but there are preventative measures you can take to delay the inevitable. Make these 4 changes to your grooming regimen for a more youthful looking appearance.
Ab Firming Circuit WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Flat and toned abs can help you stand taller not only by increasing your confidence, but also by improving your posture. Sculpt a flaunt worthy core with this waist-shrinking, muscle-firming ab workout.
Get Ready for Flu SeasonBookmark and Share
nsight: Flu season has come early this year and it's already worse than usual. Check out these need-to-know facts on how to prevent and treat the flu.
Tips to Lower Salt IntakeBookmark and Share
nsight: According to research, Americans consume an unhealthy amount of sodium each day. Here are 6 tips to lower your salt intake and reduce health risks.
500 Calorie Burning ActivitiesBookmark and Share
nsight: Turning up the calorie burning power of your workouts is a great way to get back on track after a lazy weekend. Start your week off right and do any of these 500 calorie burning activities.
Healthy, Immune Boosting Soup Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: Homemade soup is not only delicious, but it's a healthy meal that can help cure what ails you. Stay warm and fight the flu this winter with these 4 immunity boosting soup recipes.
7 Common Flu MythsBookmark and Share
nsight: Flu outbreak is currently on the rise, which is why it's more important than ever to stay informed on how to stay healthy. Get the facts straight and don't fall prey to these common misconceptions about the flu.
How to Maintain Portion ControlBookmark and Share
nsight: Portion control is an important way of maintaining a healthy diet. Learn how to keep track of your food portions for improved weight loss with the help of these tips.
6 Well-Balanced Breakfast Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: Eating a well-balanced breakfast each morning is a healthy way to jump-start your day. Check out these 6 quick and healthy breakfast recipes that will fill you up and give you a boost of energy in the morning.
Battle Stress with More SleepBookmark and Share
nsight: Stress can affect both your eating habits and behaviors, which is why people with hectic lifestyles tend to make bad food choices. Check out how to battle the stress and start eating healthier with the help of this expert advice.
Walking May Reduce Stroke RiskBookmark and Share
nsight: Walking is a very simple exercise that takes little effort and can make a difference when it comes to your health. According to a recent study walking regularly may help lower women's risk of stroke.
Tips to Make Your Fitness Plan Stick Bookmark and Share
nsight: Most people start out strong in the beginning of a new diet and exercise plan, but tend to revert back to old habits as time goes by. Don't let your New Year's resolutions fizzle out before you reach your goal; here are 6 tips to make them stick.
Sore Muscle Recovery WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Sore muscles are usually the sign of a good workout, but they can also be quite bothersome. Here are 8 moves to help aid in recovery while staying active.
5 Simple and Relaxing Yoga Stretches Bookmark and Share
nsight: Everyone could benefit from finding a way to de-stress and rest at the end of each day. Wind down after a long day at work with these 5 yoga stretches, designed to help you relax.
10 Ways to Boost Happiness Bookmark and Share
nsight: Focusing on health and tailoring fitness goals to meet your individual needs are just a few things that you can do to increase your level of happiness. Check out 10 things happy people do differently and what you can learn from their happiness strategies.
New Treatments for Boosting Good Cholesterol Bookmark and Share
nsight: According to recent findings, existing medicines that aim to increase good cholesterol don't seem to be as effective as once thought. Researchers are now looking for new and more effective treatments to help boost good cholesterol levels.
Controlling Hormones is Key to Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Hormones affect nearly every aspect of your life, including your weight. Find out how the different hormones work and how you can use them to start losing weight.
Butt Boosting Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Performing exercises that target your lower body is the best way to give your butt a natural boost. Try out this dynamic workout for a firmer butt that you'll want to show off.
29 Popular Diet RankingsBookmark and Share
nsight: According to health experts, diets must meet a number of criteria to be considered effective weight loss methods. Check out the expert rankings of these 29 popular diets.
Deadlift and Box Jumping Combo Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Jumping is an energetic exercise that has both cardio and strength training benefits. Amp up the pace of your workout with this jumping and deadlift circuit routine, which will leave your legs burning.
Holiday Detox Diet PlanBookmark and Share
nsight: After splurging over the holidays, everyone could probably benefit from a healthy cleanse and diet reset. Kick off the New Year by ridding your body of toxins with this detox diet.
Tips to Conquer the GymBookmark and Share
nsight: Starting a gym routine is the first and hardest step to achieving your fitness goals. Conquer the gym and stick to your fitness resolutions this year with these success tips.
Winterize Your Diet with these Power FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Nutrient-packed foods can do wonders for your body and health. Start fueling up on these 10 power foods to stay healthy this winter.
Common Diet Errors to AvoidBookmark and Share
nsight: Developing a general knowledge of dieting dos and don'ts can help you in the long run. Steer clear of these common diet mistakes and you'll be on the right track to achieving your weight loss goals.
Pump Up Your LegsBookmark and Share
nsight: Challenging your leg muscles by continuously moving from one exercise to the next can lead to improved strength and size. Build stronger, shapelier legs with this lower-body strengthening workout.
6 CrossFit Workout Varieties Bookmark and Share
nsight: CrossFit is a high intensity workout that mixes all different types of exercises so you'll never be bored. Get in on the craze that has been sweeping the nation and try out any of these 6 CrossFit workouts.
Sleep and Health FindingsBookmark and Share
nsight: National Sleep Day may have already passed, but it's never too late to get a good night's sleep. Read up on recent research findings about sleep and how it can affect your health.
5 Ways to Add Calcium to Your DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Do your body a favor and strengthen your bones and muscles by loading up on calcium rich foods. Here are 5 meal ideas that can help get you started.
Avoid Fitness RoadblocksBookmark and Share
nsight: Unexpected life events can often derail your fitness efforts, but there are several ways to overcome these obstacles and get back on track. Check out these tips on how to make fitness a top priority no matter what happens in your life.
5 Healthy Diet ChangesBookmark and Share
nsight: Livening up your diet by eating colorful fruits and veggies can not only help you lose weight, but also help you fight against several health risks. Eat healthier and live longer by making these changes to your everyday meals.
5 Must-Eat Foods for 2013Bookmark and Share
nsight: Eat for your health by filling your diet with foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Check out this list of 5 must-eat foods to add to your grocery list this year.
45 Minute Gym Workout PlanBookmark and Share
nsight: Heading to the gym on a cold winter day may not seem very appealing, but it's a great way to start achieving your fitness goals. Warm up this winter by working up a sweat at the gym with this 45-minute cardio and strength-training plan.
10 Health Studies for a Better 2013Bookmark and Share
nsight: New health studies are released each month and are often good sources for reliable healthy living tips. Here are 10 research studies from 2012 that can be put to good use for a healthier 2013.
5 Reachable Resolutions for Healthier Living Bookmark and Share
nsight: Centering New Year's resolutions on self-criticisms rather than actual aspirations and reachable goals can set you up for failure. Here are 5 resolutions you should make to start living happier and healthier this year.
56 Basic Weight Loss Strategies Bookmark and Share
nsight: New Year's resolutions to get fit and healthy are easy to make but can be hard to keep. Make this year a success and stay committed to your weight loss plan with the help of these 56 tips and tricks.
5 New Get-Slim Diet TrendsBookmark and Share
nsight: Each year brings about a new wave of diet and weight loss trends that either prove to be helpful or just fade out. Here are 5 new trendy diet fads to try this year.
The Relationship Between Diet and Exercise Bookmark and Share
nsight: Diet and exercise are two fundamental elements of any fitness program, which is why understanding how they work together is crucial to achieving weight loss success. Learn more about the important connection between eating and exercise and find out why you may be gaining weight instead of losing it.
How Alcohol Affects Your BodyBookmark and Share
nsight: New Year's celebrations usually involve drinking champagne and other festive alcoholic drinks, but all that drinking can affect your body. Check out how alcohol affects every part of your body both inside and out.
Paleo Diet Snack StaplesBookmark and Share
nsight: Snack cravings can hit at anytime which makes following the Paleo Diet hard to do, especially with all the easily accessible processed food options. Avoid giving into your cravings by keeping some of these Paleo Diet staples on hand.
Trouble with Seafood MislabelingBookmark and Share
nsight: Seafood can be both delicious and good for your health, but according to a new study the fish you buy or eat at restaurants may not be what you think it is. Research shows that mislabeling fish has become more of a problem recently at both restaurants and in stores.
9 Surprising Food RemediesBookmark and Share
nsight: Taking medicine can usually help with colds and migraines, but there are also foods that can help with the same things. Try out any of these 9 food cures for common problems such as hangovers and sunburn.
Walk More for Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Decreasing your time spent traveling in a car and increasing your time spent traveling by foot can help you lose weight. Walk your way to a slimmed down figure with the help of these tips.
Inner Thigh Workout MoveBookmark and Share
nsight: Inner thighs can be hard to target, but there's an exercise you can do to work both your thighs and your backside. Try out this squat exercise to tone your glutes and thighs.
6 Pack Ab TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: Sculpted abs can be achieved by eating right and performing the right exercises. Get fit 6 pack abs with these 6 simple tips.
How to Control Your CravingsBookmark and Share
nsight: Despite your best efforts to lose weight and keep it off, temptation always seems to get in the way. Fight temptation and avoid pigging out with the help of these will power boosting tips.
Finish Off Your Year On a High NoteBookmark and Share
nsight: Making a list of your accomplishments is just one of the many things you can do to feel better about yourself. End this year on a good note and start living healthier in 2013 with the help of these tips.
How to Accomplish Your New Year's GoalsBookmark and Share
nsight: Achieving New Year's resolutions can be challenging for many people. Make New Year's resolutions that you'll actually keep this year by following this helpful guide.
20 Minute Circuit WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Circuit workouts are a great way to get in a fat burning, full body workout in less time. Here's a circuit workout that will have you working up a sweat in just 20 minutes.
10 Vitamin and Nutrient Rich FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Multivitamins are good for your health, and there are a number of foods that can provide even more vitamins and nutrients. Check out these 10 vitamin rich foods that will have you looking and feeling healthier.
Healthy BrunchBookmark and Share
nsight: Going out to brunch can be an enjoyable way to spend time with your family and friends, but many of the food options are unhealthy. Follow these tips to brunch healthier with family and friends over the holidays.
Body Weight ExercisesBookmark and Share
nsight: If you don't have access to a gym or equipment while traveling, there are plenty of body weight exercises you can do to stay in shape. Workout anywhere, anytime while on vacation with these 27 equipment-free exercise moves.
Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Eating for Acid Reflux Bookmark and Share
nsight: Acid reflux sufferers tend to have a hard time around the holidays with all of the rich treats and festive drinks which are known to cause heartburn. Avoid heartburn by following these holiday eating dos and don'ts.
Top 5 Ab Workout Videos Bookmark and Share
nsight: Expert trainers know what it takes to get six-pack abs and can help teach you the right exercises to perform to start seeing results. Learn the best ways to work your abs from expert trainers with these 5 workout videos.
10 Ways to Beat Winter Time SluggishnessBookmark and Share
nsight: Research shows that people tend to eat unhealthier food and exercise less during the winter months, which leads to weight gain. Rev up your metabolism and melt away fat this winter by following these 10 tips.
3 Nutrient-Rich Cancer Fighting FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating foods that are both high in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to have a positive effect in fighting off cancer. Here are 3 healthy foods you should start eating to stay cancer free.
Stretches to Loosen Up Tight HamstringsBookmark and Share
nsight: Thigh muscles can tighten up from doing any number of things including sitting down all day at work. Loosen up your tight hamstrings with these 4 yoga stretches.
Tips to Fit in 30 Minute Workouts on Vacation Bookmark and Share
nsight: Keeping up with your normal fitness routine can be tricky while on holiday vacation. Get in 30 minutes of workout time while you're on the go with the help of these tips.
Make New Year's Resolutions that LastBookmark and Share
nsight: With Christmas just around the corner, now's the time to start thinking about making New Year's resolutions that you can stick to all year. Check out these tips on how to make New Year's resolutions that will last.
25 Creative Weight Loss Tricks Bookmark and Share
nsight: When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight sometimes you have to get creative. Here are 25 everyday tips and tricks to help you lose weight.
Stress Eating TriggersBookmark and Share
nsight: Research shows that stress eaters tend to overindulge in unhealthy foods during the holiday season when emotions tend to run high. Learn more about stress eating and find out how to keep it in check.
Yoga Inspired Inner Thigh ExerciseBookmark and Share
nsight: Inner thighs are trouble zones that can be a hard area to target. Slim down your inner thighs with this simple yoga inspired exercise.
8 Muscle Building FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Fueling your body with the right foods can help improve the muscle building power of your workout. Eat to build muscle and boost health by adding these 8 foods to your diet.
Non-Cardio Fat Burning RoutineBookmark and Share
nsight: Cardio training is an excellent way to burn fat and lose weight, but it can get boring after a while. Efficiently burn fat with this cardio replacement workout routine.
Tips for Healthy Travel Bookmark and Share
nsight: Maintaining healthy eating plans can often be difficult to do while traveling. Here are some healthy travel tips to help you get to and from the airport without slipping up on your diet.
9 Stress Reducing Strategies Bookmark and Share
nsight: Stress can have many causes, and it can negatively affect your health if you don't know how to properly deal with it. Try any of these 9 strategies to fight off stress anytime.
10 Ways to Lose WeightBookmark and Share
nsight: Making a few simple changes to your lifestyle can help improve weight loss over time. Start losing weight more effectively by making any of these 10 tweaks to your everyday routine.
Best Way to Burn FatBookmark and Share
nsight: According to a new study aerobic workouts like running on the treadmill appear to be more effective than resistance training. Research shows that while both have health benefits, aerobic training is the best way to burn fat.
Maintain Diet Control at Holiday PartiesBookmark and Share
nsight: Maintaining self-control and actually sticking to your diet this time of year can be challenging, especially with all of the holiday parties. Resist temptation and eat healthier at holiday parties with the help of these tips.
How to Improve Overall FitnessBookmark and Share
nsight: Diversifying your training is one way to achieve better overall fitness, which includes many facets that are often neglected. Here are 10 physical skills that we could all stand to improve upon in one way or another.
Get in the Right Mindset to WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: One of the keys to getting fit is having the right attitude. Check out how to get in the right mindset to power through your workouts and boost performance.
Make Your Favorite Sandwiches Healthier Bookmark and Share
nsight: Sandwiches can be a healthy, no hassle lunch but only if they're made with the right ingredients. Clean up your diet and start eating healthier at lunch by making these simple changes to your favorite sandwich recipes.
How High Fat Food Affects Your BrainBookmark and Share
nsight: A new study shows that high-fat foods cannot only negatively affect your weight loss efforts, but also your brain health. According to research eating high fat diets can increase feelings of anxiety and depression.
Slim Down by Lowering Fat IntakeBookmark and Share
nsight: According to a new study cutting back on fat intake may be one of the best ways to increase weight loss. Check out these tips on how to trim fat from your diet.
Best Full Body ExercisesBookmark and Share
nsight: Full body exercises not only target multiple areas of the body at once, but also help get you in and out of the gym faster. Here are some of the best full body moves expert trainers recommend you try for better muscle tone.
Effective Single Dumbbell WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Working out in a crowded gym can leave you with less equipment to choose from, making it hard to get in an effective workout. Beat the gym crowds and check out how to exercise with limited equipment with this single dumbbell circuit workout.
Overhead Reach Squat ExerciseBookmark and Share
nsight: Performing body weight exercises can be a great way to challenge and target multiple muscles at the same time. Add this body weight squat exercise to your current routine for improved strength and flexibility.
Top December Workout SongsBookmark and Share
nsight: Choosing the right tracks to include on your exercise playlist can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your workout. Switch up your exercise playlist by adding any of these top 10 workout songs.
Healthy and Tasty Snack Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: Finding snacks that are both healthy and tasty can be a challenge. Here's a list of some of the healthiest snack recipes from this year.
Benefits of Wearing Compression GearBookmark and Share
nsight: Compression gear may help reduce common side effects of exercise including muscles soreness, fatigue and swelling. Check out if compression gear is everything it seems cracked up to be when it comes workout recovery.
How to Beat Holiday StressBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let the stress of the holidays get the best of you. Maintain sanity this holiday season with the help of these 6 tips on how to manage stress.
Back Strengthening ExercisesBookmark and Share
nsight: Sitting down at work all day can really mess with your back, causing both muscle weakness and pain. Whip your back into shape and improve posture with these 5 exercises.
7 Arm Shaping Moves Bookmark and Share
nsight: Combining both body weight and free weight exercises can help to strengthen and tone your upper body. Work off your arm jiggle with these 7 toning exercises you can do in 15-minutes.
Common Weight Loss Rules You Can BreakBookmark and Share
nsight: Rebelling against common weight loss rules can sometimes help improve your progress. Check out 10 common weight loss rules you can break and why.
Healthy Holiday Food SwapsBookmark and Share
nsight: Classic holiday treats, like hot chocolate, can be hard to resist this time of year, but they are loaded with calories. Here are healthy alternatives for some of your favorite holiday foods.
8 Healthy Oils Bookmark and Share
nsight: Oils, including those found in nuts, contain essential nutrients that can be beneficial to your health. Check out this list of 8 healthy oils.
Holiday Fitness GuideBookmark and Share
nsight: Staying active during the holidays can be difficult, but it can help you fend off weight gain and decrease stress. Avoid the holiday bulge this year with these workouts you can do whether you're on the road or at the gym.
Simple 3 Day Strength Training RoutineBookmark and Share
nsight: Breaking down a 3 day workout routine into 3 parts can make it easier to remember and more time efficient. Follow this simple 3 day strength training routine for better results.
Healthy Holiday Gift IdeasBookmark and Share
nsight: Christmas is just around the corner and finding the right gifts for health conscious friends or family can be tricky. Here are 12 healthy holiday gift ideas.
10-Minute Full Body Victoria's Secret Model Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Short but intense workouts can be an effective way to lose fat and build muscle in less time. Get fit like a Victoria's Secret model with this full body fat burning workout.
20 Festive Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: The holiday season is filled with parties and drinking cocktails, which are often full of empty calories. Drink healthier this holiday season by trying out any of these 20 festive low-calorie cocktails.
Deadlift High-Pull Exercise Bookmark and Share
nsight: Deadlifts can be complicated to perform with proper technique if you're a beginner. Boost your metabolism and tone your legs, butt and back with this simple deadlift exercise.
7 Ways to De-Stress Over the HolidaysBookmark and Share
nsight: Holidays can be a hectic time of the year and a time when many people tend to take less care of themselves. De-stress this holiday season by doing any of these 7 things for yourself.
Get Lean Circuit Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Circuit workouts can help you get moving and burn calories fast. Check out this get lean workout plan that will help you torch fat and build muscle.
5 Medicine Ball Exercises Bookmark and Share
nsight: Improve your strength workout by adding a medicine ball to your routine. Here are 5 medicine ball exercises designed to help you slam, toss and roll your way to a better body.
Core Strengthening SquatBookmark and Share
nsight: Adding a rotational movement to your squat is a great way to work both your lower body and your abs at the same time. Squat your way to a stronger core by trying this goblet squat exercise.
Why High-Fiber Diets are HealthyBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating a high fiber diet has been shown to be good for your health and is often recommended by nutritionists, but what makes it so healthy? Check out some of the reasons why you should add more fiber to your diet.
Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight GainBookmark and Share
nsight: It's well known that many people tend to gain weight over the holidays, but there are ways to avoid packing on the pounds. Start losing weight this holiday season with the help of these 7 tips.
Lower Ab Rolling Exercise Bookmark and Share
nsight: A well-rounded ab workout involves working both your upper and lower abs. Target your lower abs with this stability ball roll out exercise.
Food Combining Diet FactsBookmark and Share
nsight: The food combining diet is a diet fad that involves eating different foods in certain groups, but it may not be as effective as it claims to be. Get the truth about food combining diets and how they affect your body's digestion and weight loss.
Seasonal SuperfoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: While cookies and other baked goods tend be quite popular in December, there are a number of healthy superfoods to consider as well. Check out these 5 seasonal fruits and veggies to snack on this December.
Successful Fat-Loss ProgramBookmark and Share
nsight: When it comes to losing fat and getting in shape, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Find out how to start losing fat successfully with the help of these 5 rules.
Helpful Pull-Up GuideBookmark and Share
nsight: Pull-ups can seem intimidating, but they can be easily adjusted to your fitness level. Whether you're just a beginner or more advanced, learn how to conquer the pull-up with the help of this beginner's guide.
25 Filling, Low-Calorie FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating filling, low-calorie foods can help suppress appetite and improve weight loss. Eat healthier and stay fuller longer by snacking on any of these 25 naturally filling foods.
8 Heart Healthy HabitsBookmark and Share
nsight: Everyday habits, whether they are good or bad, can have an impact on your overall heart health. Here are 8 tips to help you start making more heart healthy choices each day.
7 Stretches You Can Do in Your BedBookmark and Share
nsight: Stretching is not only a great way to relax before bed, but it is also a great way to start off your day in the morning. Check out these 7 stretches you can do in bed either before you go to sleep or when you first wake up.
Best Fitness Strategies of 2012Bookmark and Share
nsight: Each year brings a new batch of health claims, diet trends, and exercise tips to help you get fit. Check out this list of the best fitness strategies of 2012.
6-Minute Pre-Workout Warmup Bookmark and Share
nsight: Warming up is something everyone should do before exercising not only to prevent injury, but also to improve results. Try out this 6-minute warmup that can be tailored to your individual workout program.
20 Heart Healthy FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Food choices can affect your body in many ways, including the health of your heart. Here's a list of 20 of the best heart healthy foods you should incorporate into your diet.
3 Wrist Strengthening Exercises Bookmark and Share
nsight: Wrists often don't receive as much attention as other muscles. Check out how to strengthen your wrists with the help of these 3 exercises.
31 Day Fitness Guide for the Month of December Bookmark and Share
nsight: The holiday season can be overwhelming and stressful, but don't let that stress translate into weight gain. Avoid holiday weight gain with the help of this 31-day fitness guide for the month of December.
How to Keep Your Diet SimpleBookmark and Share
nsight: Diets that are overly complicated can be ineffective and don't tend to last. Find out how to start eating better by keeping your diet simple.
Health Benefits of AlcoholBookmark and Share
nsight: Drinking alcohol is often frowned upon when you're trying to lose weight, but it may not be all that bad. Check out 12 surprising ways having a drink can actually benefit your health.
Good and Bad Foods for Digestion Bookmark and Share
nsight: Each type of food you put in your body affects your digestive system differently, whether it be good or bad. Check out this list of 13 of the best and worst foods for digestive health.
Ways to Cut Calories at LunchBookmark and Share
nsight: Choosing to eat a healthy, low-calorie meal for lunch can help you lose weight, but it often won't fill you up. Try any of these 3 strategies to help reduce your lunchtime calorie intake and still stay full.
Healthy, Low-Calorie Peanut Butter Snack RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: Peanut butter can be a great healthy snack option, but only when it's eaten in moderation. Get your fill of peanut butter with these 10 low-calorie peanut butter snacks.
How to Survive Cold and Flu SeasonBookmark and Share
nsight: Staying healthy during cold and flu season, especially around the holidays, can be challenging when you're constantly on the go and everyone around you seems to be sick. Here are some tips on how to boost your immune system and survive cold and flu season.
Staircase Circuit WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Looking for a simple and effective workout? Try running stairs. Check out this fat-burning staircase circuit workout.
Boredom-Busting Treadmill Workouts Bookmark and Share
nsight: Running indoors on a treadmill can get boring, especially if you're used to running outside. Shake up your indoor running program and try out these treadmill workouts.
Best Tasting Low-Calorie BeersBookmark and Share
nsight: Beer and weight loss don't exactly mix well since many beers are high in calories. But that doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of having a few drinks this holiday season. Here are 9 great tasting low-calorie beers to try.
Exercise Can Reduce Negative Attitudes Towards AgingBookmark and Share
nsight: According to a recent study, exercising regularly can help you feel better about how you look and feel as you get older. Research shows that exercise can improve your health and your attitude towards aging.
Stick with Your Workout this Winter Bookmark and Share
nsight: Shorter days and colder weather during the winter can make it hard to stay motivated to get in a workout at the gym. Stick with your workout this winter by making these simple changes to your routine.
Low Calorie Frozen Meals Bookmark and Share
nsight: Frozen meals are convenient and easy to make, but many aren't all that healthy for you. Here are 10 of the healthiest frozen meals that are delicious and less than 400 calories.
Make One Healthy Choice A DayBookmark and Share
nsight: Challenging yourself to make at least one healthy choice each day is a simple way to improve your overall health and fitness. Make a commitment to start getting healthy today and try out a 40 day fitness challenge.
Turn Shopping into Exercise Bookmark and Share
nsight: Holiday shopping can feel like a workout, and there are things you can do to make it a more active experience. Get in a workout while holiday shopping with the help of these tips.
Lower Body Slimming MovesBookmark and Share
nsight: Performing the right lower body moves can help you burn fat and work your core while toning your legs. Tone your hips and thighs with these 6 lower body moves.
Fat-Burning Winter FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Holidays are full of unhealthy foods that can be hard to resist and end up hurting your diet. Here are 5 winter foods that can help you stay slim this holiday season.
Successful Diet Tips from Real People Bookmark and Share
nsight: Diets can seem complicated and hard to follow, especially if they don't appear to be designed for normal people. Check out 12 fitness tips that have helped ordinary people achieve weight loss success.
Misleading Healthy-Sounding Food ClaimsBookmark and Share
nsight: Food packages can be deceiving, especially when there are misleading claims about the healthiness of the food. Here's a list of 6 phrases commonly seen on packages that make food seem healthy when it's actually not.
Tips to Cut Calories and Increase Nutrient IntakeBookmark and Share
nsight: From making your own dressing to loading up on veggies, there are plenty of things you can do to cut calories from your diet on a daily basis. Check out these 7 tips on how you can both cut calories and increase your nutrient intake.
Quick Equipment Free Workouts Bookmark and Share
nsight: Finding time to squeeze in a workout during the holidays can be challenging, but there are fat-torching workouts you can do in minutes. Try out these 10-minute equipment free workouts that you can do anywhere.
10 Nutrient Rich FoodsBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating the right foods can lead to a slimmer and fitter you. Add these 10 super-nutrients to your diet for better weight loss results.
Post-Thanksgiving Detox Diet Tips Bookmark and Share
nsight: Thanksgiving is a day full of splurging on delicious holiday classics like stuffing and pie. Get back on track after pigging out on Thanksgiving with the help of these tips.
3-in-1 Muscle Toning MovesBookmark and Share
nsight: Performing exercises that only target one muscle group at a time can be a waste of time. Target your trouble zones with the help of these three-in-one muscle toning moves.
25 Classic Weight Loss Strategies Bookmark and Share
nsight: Fad diets tend to fade in and out, but there are a number of classic weight loss strategies that always seem to work. Here are 25 expert recommended weight loss strategies you should follow.
Alternative 5-Day Workout PlanBookmark and Share
nsight: When performing a 5-day workout program it's best not to devote just one day a week to a specific area of your body. Check out this 5-day workout designed to work both your upper and lower body three times a week.
Busting 9 Common Thanksgiving Dinner MythsBookmark and Share
nsight: Thanksgiving is a day of pigging out, but if you're trying to eat healthier this year, it's important to get your nutrition facts straight. Here are 9 common Thanksgiving dinner myths that just aren't true.
Healthy Thanksgiving Dessert RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating healthy is hard to do on Thanksgiving, especially with all of the desserts staring you in the face. Check out how to save some calories with these 10 healthy Thanksgiving dessert recipes that are both delicious and low-fat.
Train like a Victoria's Secret AngelBookmark and Share
nsight: Getting fit like Victoria's Secret angels won't happen over night, but there are a number of exercises you can do to start training like them. Tighten and tone your butt with this Victoria's Secret model workout.
High-Intensity Body Weight WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Performing body weight exercises back to back at a fast pace can help you effectively burn fat and build muscle. Try out this high-intensity routine that combines exercises to help improve your agility and strength.
New Healthier and Lighter Holiday Side Dish RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: Classic holiday dishes are tasty but are often high in calories and lacking in nutritional benefits. Here are 5 new and original holiday side dish recipes that pack a healthy punch.
Quick Full-Body Superset Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: When you're pressed for time but still want to fit in a workout at the gym, supersets are the way to go. Try out this full body superset workout designed to help you get in an effective workout in less time.
Muscle Building Training Methods for Beginners Bookmark and Share
nsight: Starting a muscle-building program can seem daunting, especially if you're just a beginner. If you need help finding the right program, check out these 2 basic training methods for building muscle.
Antioxidant-Rich Sports Drink Alternatives Bookmark and Share
nsight: New research shows that drinking natural antioxidant-rich beverages after you exercise could help aid recovery. Here are 4 antioxidant-filled beverages you should try post-workout.
Healthy Snacks Nutritionists EnjoyBookmark and Share
nsight: Ever wonder what kinds of healthy snacks nutritionists eat? Start snacking like nutritionists with this list of 10 expert recommended snack options.
Make a Holiday Diet and Exercise PlanBookmark and Share
nsight: Falling off the diet wagon is all too easy to do during the holiday season. Make a holiday diet and exercise plan before it's too late with the help of these tips.
Surprising Thanksgiving Infographics Bookmark and Share
nsight: From calorie counts to money saving tips, there's a lot of information that many people don't know about Thanksgiving. Here are 9 interesting infographics about Thanksgiving that you should check out.
Food Apps for the Holidays Bookmark and Share
nsight: Whether you need to cook a quick meal or serve some festive cocktails, during the holiday season it's important to always be prepared. Here are 4 holiday food apps that can help get you through the season.
Muffin Top Shrinking MovesBookmark and Share
nsight: Combining cardio with core strengthening exercises is a great way to burn fat fast. Here are some waist slimming moves designed to help you blast fat and lose the muffin top.
Negative Effects of Unplanned EatingBookmark and Share
nsight: Unplanned eating can be dangerous and more often than not negatively affect your diet. Check out how eating unplanned snacks and meals can lead to weight gain.
25 Expert Tips on Living HealthyBookmark and Share
nsight: Combining the right training strategies and healthy eating habits can help you improve your overall fitness level. Here are 25 expert tips on how to get fit and eat right.
How to Feel Better after Eating too Much SaltBookmark and Share
nsight: Eating meals with too much salt can often leave you feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Here are some tips on what to do to counteract the effects of consuming too much sodium.
12 Workout Upgrade TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: One of the best ways to avoid hitting a fitness plateau is to occasionally make changes to your routine. Upgrade your current training program and get in a more efficient workout with these 12 tips.
Simple Upper Body Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Working all of the different muscles in your upper body is important for performing everyday tasks. Build better upper body strength with these arm, back, and shoulder exercises.
25 Ways to Cut Calories and Lose WeightBookmark and Share
nsight: Reducing your daily calorie intake can help you lose weight and get fit faster. Here are 25 ways to start cutting 50 or more calories from most of your meals.
Taking Rest Days for Better Results Bookmark and Share
nsight: When maintaining a consistent exercise program, it's important to take recovery breaks every so often. Follow this expert's advice and find out when to take exercise breaks and how long they should last.
Claims About Eating Fruit Bookmark and Share
nsight: Fruits are incredibly healthy, but there have been some claims floating around regarding its effect on people's stomachs. Get the facts straight on how and when you should eat fruit.
Holiday Eating TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: With all of the parties and unhealthy eating during the holiday season, weight gain is all too common. Stay fit during the holidays by avoiding these unhealthy temptations.
Dumbbell Workout Mistakes to AvoidBookmark and Share
nsight: Dumbbells are exercise equipment that can be effective in strengthening every muscle in your body. Here are 3 lifting mistakes you should avoid making during the next time you use dumbbells.
Healthy Ways to Change Your DietBookmark and Share
nsight: Making simple changes to your everyday eating habits can make a huge difference. Check out how you can improve your health and weight loss results by making these 15 changes to your diet.
Proper Rowing Machine TechniqueBookmark and Share
nsight: Using proper form when performing any type of exercise is important and can drastically improve your workouts. Check out how to use the rowing machine properly with these form-fixing tips.
Alternatives to Running for Weight LossBookmark and Share
nsight: Running burns calories and can help you lose body fat, but it's not necessary for weight loss. If you're not a fan of running, here are some other ways to lose weight and get in some cardio.
Simple Circuit Workouts for a Stronger Core Bookmark and Share
nsight: Building a strong core takes more than just crunches, it involves eating the right foods and performing complex exercises. Here are 2 circuit workouts that consist of complex exercises designed to work multiple muscles and train your core.
Pomegranate Recipes Bookmark and Share
nsight: Pomegranates are not only delicious; they are loaded with antioxidants and provide a number of health benefits. Add this antioxidant-rich superfruit to your diet by making any of these healthy recipes.
25 Healthy Herbs and SpicesBookmark and Share
nsight: Adding herbs or spices to your meals cannot only improve the taste but also increase its health benefits. Here are 25 herbs and spices that you should start eating for better health.
Willpower Your Way Through the HolidaysBookmark and Share
nsight: With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, this is the time of the year when many people get wrapped up in the holidays and let their fitness routine fall apart. Don't let the holiday season get in the way of your healthy dieting; stay on track with the help of these 10 tips.
Fast Paced Spinning WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Spinning offers a great cardio workout and is one of the best ways to burn calories and slim down fast. Take your cycling routine to the next level with this fast paced stationary bike workout.
Winter Workout TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: Cold winter weather creates challenges for people and often interferes with their willingness to keep up with their existing workout program. Check out these tips on how to survive the cold weather and keep up with your fitness routine this winter.
Fat Burning Arm and Chest Workouts Bookmark and Share
nsight: Pairing exercises together in a set and moving back and forth between the two can help you build strength and boost your body's fat burning power. Here are 5 chest and arms workouts designed to boost your metabolism.
14 Dynamic Exercise MovesBookmark and Share
nsight: Exercises that keep your body moving and target multiple muscles can often be more effective than static exercises. Check out these 14 dynamic exercise moves that help you get a better workout in less time.
Ways to Keep Moving Throughout the Day Bookmark and Share
nsight: Sitting for a large portion of the day can be hard to avoid if you are an office worker, but there are things you can do to counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Start maintaining a healthier lifestyle with these tips on how to keep moving throughout the day.
Simple and Healthy Paleo Diet RecipesBookmark and Share
nsight: The Paleo diet, often referred to as the caveman diet, involves eating both plant and animal based foods. Start eating a simple diet, and try these 10 healthy Paleo diet recipes.
A New Way to Count CaloriesBookmark and Share
nsight: According to recent research about eating right, it can be helpful to show how much exercise it would take to burn off the amount of calories consumed. Check out this initiative that is starting to be applied to sugary drink consumption.
Tips to Improve Your Elliptical WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: Elliptical workouts can get monotonous, but there are ways to ramp up your routine and not let your workout time go to waste. Challenge yourself and start making the most of your elliptical workout with the help of these 4 tips.
Doctor Recommended Diet and Lifestyle TipsBookmark and Share
nsight: From anti-aging to improving heart health, there are things you can do and eat to help look and feel better. Here are some diet and lifestyle tips from doctors to help you lead a healthier life.
10 Healthy Fridge StaplesBookmark and Share
nsight: Keeping simple and healthy foods around the house at all times can help you make smarter choices when late night snack cravings come along. Here are 10 foods you should keep stocked in your fridge, so you can make a healthy snack anytime.
How Daylight Savings Time Affects Your BodyBookmark and Share
nsight: Turning the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time in November gives us an extra hour of sleep, which is something many people need this time of year. Check out how time changes can affect your sleep and your body.
Healthier Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Comfort FoodBookmark and Share
nsight: Most winter time comfort foods, although delicious and satisfying, can cause you to pack on the pounds. Here are 10 healthier versions of your favorite comfort food dishes that will keep you satisfied without gaining weight.
Stick to Your Fitness Plan this NovemberBookmark and Share
nsight: Don't let the cold weather and holiday parties get in the way of your fitness progress this November. Start following these 5 tips for staying motivated throughout the holiday season.
Classic Exercise WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: When it comes to working out sometimes the best way to get results is to stick with classic exercises. Here are 2 workout routines that involve using traditional exercise moves like deadlifts and dumbbell curls.
November Superfoods for the HolidaysBookmark and Share
nsight: November is the time when all of your favorite Thanksgiving comfort foods come into season. Here are 6 superfoods that can help power you through November.
Treadmill Interval Workout Bookmark and Share
nsight: Running on the treadmill can get boring, but if you switch up the incline and speed, you can get an effective workout. Try out this tush and thigh toning treadmill interval workout.
How to Start Eating WellBookmark and Share
nsight: Accepting reality is an important step in improving your eating habits and overall health. Check out some important lessons on how to successfully start eating well.
Tasty and Healthy Smoothie IngredientsBookmark and Share
nsight: Smoothies are both a tasty and convenient way to get your daily vitamins and nutrients. Whip up a delicious and healthy smoothie by pairing any of these 20 ingredients.
Suspension Trainer WorkoutBookmark and Share
nsight: The suspension trainer is a piece of exercise equipment found in gyms that not many people are familiar with. Take advantage of the suspension trainer and all it has to offer with this total body workout.
Foods that Battle Holiday Bloat Bookmark and Share
nsight: Holidays are a time when many people want to look their best, but it can be hard when so many holiday events revolve around food. Battle the bloat this holiday season by adding these flat belly foods to your diet.
Foods to Avoid for Acid RefluxBookmark and Share
nsight: Acid reflux is a condition in which certain foods irritate the stomach causing heartburn and other symptoms. Here are 8 foods that you should avoid if you suffer from acid reflux.
Glutes and Hips Warm Up ExercisesBookmark and Share
nsight: Warming up different muscles before you workout can not only prevent injury, but it can also improve your results. Check out these exercises that can help warm up your glutes and hips.
Foods to Avoid for a Toned Body Bookmark and Share
nsight: Eating certain foods can slow your progress if you're trying to get better muscle definition. Here are 5 foods to avoid if you want to look extremely muscular and toned.